What is Retro Style Furniture?

January 30, 2014
What is Retro Style Furniture?

retro furniture chair sofa lamp mirror design

Retro furniture can very quickly be confused with vintage furniture, or antique furniture, and it would seem that the jury is largely out when it comes to defining distinguishing features. Indeed, it may appear that some retro furniture items could be classified as vintage, and vice versa.

Retro Furniture Defined

Another way you may wish to define retro furniture is to consider it as reviving the goldies from the oldies! Perhaps think of retro furniture as being anything that was created since your grandparents’ heyday and might have undergone a bit of a revival to find its cool once more.

retro furniture chair couch sofa

When we think of retro, we think of that aging leather sofa down the back of the second- hand shop; it’s something that just needs a bit of a spruce-up, some TLC, and it’s revived. It’s retro. It’s back in.

retro furniture cushion on chair

As the saying goes, everything that was old is new again, and we love that about retro furniture!

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