What is French Provincial Furniture?

January 30, 2014
What is French Provincial Furniture?

French Provincial Bedroom Interior

French Provincial decor is inspired by the styles popular in the French provinces in the 17th and 18th century. It is the perfect balance of the luxury and ornate craftsmanship found in lavish estates juxtaposed with the laid back style of town houses in the French country side.

Plush Armchairs, Rustic Tables and Beautiful Mirrors!

French Provincial décor has a warm yet elegant feel to it. Luxury, comfort and scale combine to create a home that is inviting, homely and chic all at the same time.

Large, decorative chaise lounges and wing back arm chairs create a strong presence of French elegance as you enter the living room. This leads into the dining room and instantly you feel the classic country mood as ladder back chairs with woven seats are arranged around a large, round wooden table. A rustic, wrought iron clock sits upon a shelf on a library cabinet surrounded by worn books. Wandering up stairs, you find a beautiful, cream armoire with simple scalloped carving sitting nestled in the bedroom along with a luxurious, timber bed and studded, fabric headboard. In the corner, a timber legged ottoman with delicate printed upholstery sits in front of a paneled window with views to the outside garden. To complete the look, a vintage mirror hangs above a feminine dressing table for pure and simple French elegance.

Furniture Materials and Finishes

The furniture of this style is mainly timber, either stained or painted in white, muted grey, taupe, deep red or duck egg blue. Timber pieces like drawers and buffets feature ornate moldings and brass or glass handles. Upholstered pieces will often feature piping on the cushions and soft damask or floral motifs. The combination of natural materials with elegant finishes creates femininity and longevity for French Provincial furniture.

Styling a Light French Style Bedroom

When creating a French Provincial bedroom, it is important to get the colour scheme right. As provincial living is about being connected to nature, the colours you use for your bedroom should be light and neutral. The base colour to French style bedrooms is typically white or beige. For highlights, opt for neutral colours that are found in nature (pastel green, pastel blue, light grey).

White Bedroom Furniture

As the base colour of a French provincial bedroom is typically white, it is a good idea to opt for white French style furniture. Big furniture pieces like the bed, dresser and chairs take up a lot of visual space and nearly always serve as the focal point of a room. For a traditional French Provincial bedroom, we recommend buying white bedroom furniture pieces that are highlighted with gold detailing (handles, knobs).

What are the Patterns and Textures of French Provincial Furniture?

Once you have your French style furniture in place, it’s time to think about how you are going to finish off the French Provincial look with bedding and upholstery. French provincial beds often have a tufted headboard, which matches a tufted chair in the corner of the room. The bedding is usually plain white with subtle floral patterns. Thick pastel stripes also a signature of French style furniture.

How to Light a French Provincial Bedroom

The final aspect to styling a French Provincial bedroom is lighting, which can add so much to the ambiance of the room. A pair of lamps should sit on each bedside table. You could even use a pair of wall lamps. When you are deciding on which lamps to purchase, go for lamps with textured lampshades. The more country they look, the better! As for overhead lighting, all French Provincial bedrooms are lit by an ornate chandelier. This one is a must. A chandelier speaks to the opulence and timelessness of the French Provincial style.

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