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What is a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace?

March 03, 2017
What is a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace?

A direct vent fireplace is a fully sealed gas fireplace that is installed into your home, with a flue that vents to the outdoors.

What are the advantages of a direct vent gas fireplace?

The key advantages of a direct vent gas fireplace over other fireplace technologies are as follows:

Safety Features of Direct Vent Fireplaces

When direct vent gas fireplaces were first invented nearly 30 years ago, what made them so appealing was that 100% of the by products of burning fuel were expelled from the indoors to the outdoors. So, all of the Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide vent directly to the outdoors. Standard gas heaters don’t vent to the outdoors, and those that do lose 80-90% of heat produced up the flue or chimney. Although wood burning fireplaces do have a chimney, there are many variables that determine how clean any particular fire burns. So for a fireplace to offer 100% clean air was a break through.

Convenience features of a Gas Fireplace

Everyone loves sitting by an open fire – there is definitely something magical about it. But there is also a lot of work that comes with it – for every fire that you enjoy you need to get in kindling & wood, set the fire, manage the fire, and then clean up when its all over. This isn’t for everyone. That’s where a direct vent gas fireplace comes in – designed to mimic the beauty of the flickering flames of a wood fireplace, but with maximum convenience – one touch start, no clean up required, no wood piles, more installation options (more on that below), and the possibility to connect it to a smart home system and home automation app, the gas fireplace is super convenient.

Consistent performance of a Gas Fireplace

One of the real joys of a gas fireplace is pressing the button on the remote and it lights – first time, every time. It will heat a room in a consistent way, to a temperature that you set. Wood burning fireplaces just don’t offer you that level of control – so much depends on the wood – the type of wood, where it’s from and its moisture content. With a gas fireplace it’s guaranteed to work and burn cleanly and warm the space every time.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Efficiency

A direct vent gas fireplace can be a very efficient way to heat a room. Its ultimate efficiency though will depend on the size of the room and how well insulated it is, as well as the size and model of the gas fireplace unit you choose. This is a great question to discuss with your fireplace retailer, and get the benefit of their insight and expertise.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Installation

One of the really big advantages of a direct vent fireplace is the number of ways it can be installed. These gas fireplaces don’t require a traditional chimney structure, and can usually be installed into a timber frame. They are fitted into the wall (how and when will depend on the building style of your home). The direct vent flue that expels all of the by-products and brings in the fresh air can either go directly out the rear of the unit or can go up through the ceiling and out the roof. This allows for lots of flexibility of where you install your gas fireplace – it can be in the middle of your home, into existing cabinetry, or on an external wall.

This style of installation gives you the flexibility to install your new gas fireplace where it makes sense for your family.

Best direct vent gas fireplace?

So with all the convenience and ease that a direct vent fireplace offers, you’re thinking so which are the best direct vent fireplaces on the market?

Heat and Glo were the innovators and inventors of the first direct vent gas fireplace almost 30 years ago. Since they brought that first unit to market the company has continued investing in and developing the technology, so checking out their range would be the ideal place to begin your search.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wishlist of products for your project, then be sure and check out our gas fire places range.

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