What is Contemporary Style Furniture?

January 30, 2014
What is Contemporary Style Furniture?

contemporary loungeroom design

Contemporary style furniture can be difficult to define, apart from saying it is furniture designed and made in recent times, and by that might mean anything from the late 20th century up until today!

Contemporary Furniture Design

The level of creativity and the variety of materials available mean that contemporary furniture, which might also be referred to as modern furniture, is unlikely to be pigeon holed. Despite this, it is probably fair to say that contemporary or modern furniture often looks ‘clean’ – lines are simple, uncomplicated, and the overall appearance tends to be fresh. For this reason, contemporary and modern furniture can lend itself beautifully to other interior design periods; it tends not to overpower rooms and can look equally at home in retro surrounds as it might alongside art deco furnishings, for example.

Why Choose Contemporary?

A significant benefit of contemporary furniture, apart from its ability to blend with and complement an array of other periods, is its widespread appeal. If for example, you intend to furnish an investment property, then it would be advisable to err on the side of caution and seek out contemporary or modern furniture. It is a similar logic to that of painting the inside of an investment property white; it’s more of a blank canvas that has a stronger chance of appealing to a greater cross section of the population.

contemporary chair and ottoman

The advent of contemporary furniture has of course created its own fair share of icons, so if you’re in the market for contemporary furniture then it is a good idea to research carefully and know whether or not you’re going to purchase the genuine article, or a quality imitation.

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