How do you identify Art Deco furniture? 

January 30, 2014
How do you identify Art Deco furniture?

Art Deco furniture hails from the early 20th Century, and is a striking design period that has not only withstood the test of time, but perhaps even become more enduring and more cherished by its modern day devotees.

Originated in Paris

Originating in Europe, the art deco period followed World War I but was perhaps most prolific from the 1920s to the 1940s. The term Art Deco was supposedly coined from the 1925 Parisian exhibition, the Exposition des Arts Modernes Decoratifs et Industriels. Art Deco comes from a time that celebrated the decadence and character of the infamous Roaring Twenties, as well as the hope and escapism of the oppressive Thirties.

Art Deco Furniture

Geometric Patterns and Shapes

Indeed, when you consider some of the common themes of classic Art Deco, it becomes apparent just how beautifully this design captured a particular period in history. For instance, art deco often embraces geometric patterns and shapes, which are considered a means of paying homage to the industrialisation of the time. In contrast, it also celebrated the female form; a reference to signs of early newfound freedom and liberation for women. This ‘dawning of a new era’ was also exemplified in Art Deco fountains and sunbursts, long considered symbols of new age. Interestingly, Art Deco design also harbours a fascination with Egypt and Greece and therefore references from these two cultures can also be found in Art Deco.

Furniture Pieces

Art Deco furniture is of course, perfectly at home in an Art Deco house or apartment, and an overall Art Deco décor can be incredibly stylish and impactful. Indeed, there is a truly timeless quality to an interior that completely embraces the character of Art Deco. That said, Art Deco furniture can also be equally complimentary in an otherwise ultra modern home; by selecting key Art Deco pieces such as a much-loved chair, or an Art Deco sofa, an amazing lamp, statue or an amazing geometrical designed mirror, a space can be really livened up and given a charming edge.