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Ethanol Fireplaces

December 06, 2017
Ethanol Fireplaces

Ethanol fireplaces are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to a traditional fireplace, and for good reason. They are a hassle-free way to add warmth and ambience to your home, and very easy to install into any space.

With over 30 years of experience and considerable knowledge in heating Australian homes, Sneddons is a great place to learn more about heating options for your home and in particular options in Ethanol Fireplaces.

What is an ethanol fireplace?

Ethanol fireplaces really are the modern-day solution to a stunning fire display without the environmental impact and hassle of a wood burning fireplace. An ethanol fireplace is a stainless-steel structure consisting of a burner box and typically a protective glass panel. They don’t require a flue or chimney, so they can be used in almost any space.

Energy efficient, bioethanol fuel is poured into the burner box and lit, giving off real heat and flames. The fuel is odourless and clean-burning, which means no smoke, no ashes and no clean-up, perfect!

Unlike all other fireplaces, Ethanol fireplaces don’t require a flue or vent to be built into the room. This really simplifies installation, as well as opening up your options for where you can place a fireplace in a room.

The other great thing about ethanol fireplaces is that they are labour-free – no wood, no mess, just a stylish heat source for your home. Plus, the design options are endless – choose from a variety of finishes in white, black, charcoal and more.


Why invest in an ethanol fireplace?

Ethanol fireplaces combine both functionality and elegance. All of the brands of ethanol fireplaces that Sneddons sell require minimal to no assembly, which means you can purchase and enjoy straight away.

Ethanol fireplaces don't require the maintenance of a traditional fireplace. They are easy to fill and operate and don’t leave a mess. No fiddling with matches or slaving away over a fire only to have it fizzle out shortly after. Bioethanol fuel is easily purchased from supermarkets, hardware stores and petrol stations. The fuel won’t take up much space and is much cleaner to store than piles of wood.

Plus, a very big advantage of ethanol fireplaces is that you don't require a chimney or venting. Since there is no installation or wiring involved, not only does it save hefty installation costs, but makes for a versatile fireplace. Who knows whether you’ll move to a new place in the future or maybe you’ll renovate? With an ethanol fireplace you can simply bring it with you.

Because ethanol burning fireplaces are so easy to install they are perfect for building into your own custom designed housing – so you can order a basic kit and then build it into a coffee table, outdoor table or cabinetry. And, since they are chimney-free, the heat radiates within the room rather than escaping. Depending on the size of the fireplace, they can burn up to 13 hours and on average heat areas anywhere between 40m2 to 75m2. Plus they are efficient.


Ethanol Fireplaces for Outdoors

Ethanol fire burners are perfect for outdoor spaces too. Because they are odourless, and don't need flueing or a chimney they give you the same flexibility in an outdoors space that they do indoors. On the lawn, on the deck, or in a covered alfresco area an Ethanol fireburner can be placed on the ground, on a table without worrying about smoke.

You can even build an ethanol burner into an outdoor table. So many options, and all of them will add warmth and ambience to your space.

What options do I have when it comes to choosing ethanol heating?

Sneddons supplies a versatile range of Bio Flame, EcoSmart and BioKamino bioethanol fireplaces and burners. A free-standing fireplace gives you freedom of placement in the room. If you’re looking to maximise space, a wall-mounted fireplace is your best option. Ethanol burners are multi-purpose so can be easily retro-fitted into an existing structure or fireplace to give it a fresh look.

If you’re rather tech savvy or want the crème de la crème of fireplaces, it’s worth looking into the Bio Flame Smart remote-controlled burner. Regulate the heat with a click of a button using the smart-phone app and wi-fi connection. Not only is this fireplace incredibly intelligent but has several safety advances such as child-lock, sleep timer, emergency extinguishing feature and overheating sensors, to name a few.

Thanks to Sneddons, it has never been easier to light a fire in your home. Sneddons provide design flexibility, a focus on customer needs and guarantee of best price. If you’re in Melbourne, head down to Geelong Road in Footscray to visit the Sneddons showroom and experience the beauty of an ethanol fireplace for yourself.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wishlist of products, then be sure and check out our ethanol fireplace range.

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