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What Interior Design Style Are You?

May 01, 2019
What Interior Design Style Are You?

We all do it. In fact, it's one of my favourite past times. Your mind starts to wander and you soon find yourself dreaming of far-flung exotic locations. An overload of the senses; colours, smells, sights and sounds. Then, your jolted back to reality and find yourself sitting in your lounge room feeling quite, well, uninspired by your surrounds. Time for aninterior design style makeover! Here, we look at five interior design styles, from the exotic Moroccan influence to the refined Hampton style. Hopefully, these design styles will get your creative juices flowing & you'll be inspired to renovate your own interior.

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Modern Design Style

The modern design style is all about clean lines, clutter-free space & usually a colour palette of neutrals incorporating elements of natural materials like timber, stone as well as metal and glass. Sleek is usually a word often used to describe the modern design style interior. The style is all about clean lines, simple geometry and a space that is very functional and organised. Modern design style has a spaciousness feel to it given the lack of decorative finishes.

Modern Bathroom Design styles

The space does not present as cold or sterile given the incorporation of the natural materials and colour palette. If your home is tight for space, the modern design style is a good choice for you as it will helps make your rooms feel more spacious and open.

Modern Design Living room and bedroom

Traditional Design Style

Traditional design style could be described as homely, comfortable and orderly. The furnishings are often classic and functional. Some people may find the look cluttered and confining as it involves heavily draped window furnishings often with pelmets and trims, rugs, pattern furniture fabrics, walls adorned with paintings and usually displays of the owners collections such as books, figurines, urns, knick-knacks etc.

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Traditional Kitchen Design Style

Traditional interiors incorporate decorative mouldings such as ceiling roses and perhaps a picture or chair rail. Often there is wallpaper included in a traditional floral pattern and the colour scheme is a combination of darker colours such as bottle green, brown and mahogany along with creams and light, often floral, tones. Floor lamps and table lamps, along with mirrors can feature in traditional design styles.

Traditional Home Office and Livingroom

Hamptons Design Style

The Hamptons is a popular seaside resort town north of New York. The area is renowned for being a playground for the rich and famous and has some of the most expensive homes in the United States. The Hampton's style is classic and sophisticated but very much captures the relaxed beach living vibe. It's all about the natural light flooding in and illuminating the space to create a fresh, bright and breezy interior.

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Hamptons Design Style

Hamptons design style also focuses on balance. Be it the living-room, kitchen or bathroom you'll often see the interior creates a harmonious space by the inclusion of symmetry.Often the rooms are almost mirror imaged.

Hamptons Design Style Bedroom and Kitchen

Moroccan Design Style

An explosion of colour and texture, the Moroccan interior design style is a stunning sensory overload. When applied thoughtfully, & with some restraint, this exotic design style can create a captivating, almost fantasy like, harmonious spaces. Colourful fabrics and tiles, arched doorways, intricate carvings, striking patterns, lanterns, cushions and ottomans are all identified as important elements to create the Moroccan design style look.

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Orange Morrocan Interiors

Blue, topaz and aquamarine are reminiscent of the surrounding ocean. Opulent, deep oranges and reds evoke the notable African sunsets and sunrises. Tones from light brown to luxurious gold capture the vast surrounding desert. Stepping into a Moroccan interior designed room should instantly transport you to this jewel of a country.

Blue Morrocan Interiors

If the intense colour pallet is too overwhelming for you & your space then focus on one of the design elements of the Moroccan interior style such as the archways or patterns & couple them with a white or softer colour palette. This will result in an equally striking interior space but be more of a modern Moroccan take on the exotic design style.

Morrocan Modern Designed Arches

Bohemian Design Style

Bohemian style is all about unrestricted, free spirited design. It’s an explosion of pattern on pattern, usually tie-dye and suzani, colour and a wonderful eclectic mix of furnishings and decorations. There is nothing minimalist about it. It’s all about layers, lovingly put together from adventures and travels.

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Bohemian Styles

Often fabric is draped from ceilings to create a soft, inviting vibe and canopies hang above beds. Appliances are vintage and flooring is usually old timber hardwood but, often unidentifiable due to the layering of rugs and cushions. Plants can be found hanging from the ceiling, usually in macramé, potted on a window sill or growing in planters by the sofa.

Bohemian Styles Interior Design

Whatever your interior design style, we hope this has inspired you to achieve the look you've always dreamed of!

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