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Bring Natural Beauty to your Home with Barn Doors

July 18, 2016
Bring Natural Beauty to your Home with Barn Doors

Nothing beats the natural beauty that wood brings to a home. Raw-sawn or smooth and sealed, timber has a distinct characteristic that welcomes and warms.

This organic element is an essential design aesthetic. It helps to create a sense of peace and calm, and prevents a space from appearing and feeling too stark or cold and clinical.

There are many ways to introduce elements of nature into the home, most likely flooring or furniture are the first to spring to mind, however, one simply stunning interior feature you may not be so familiar with is the beautiful barn door.

These styles of doors are timeless and aren’t a new trend but have become increasingly popular with the resurgence of sustainable living and conserving our Earth’s precious resources. Both renovators and new-build home owners have shown much interest in reclaimed or re-purposed building products that have been recycled and used in new and different ways.

Revealing craftsmanship at its finest, the Merry Barn produces Barn Doors that are custom made in Australia from reclaimed timbers, in the size and style that suits your home best.

‘’Barn and loft doors add style and character to any space - they can bring charm, elegance, interest and a uniqueness that is on trend yet classically timeless. Barn doors are a cost effective way to add the WOW factor to your home. They can be natural, rustic, industrial, Scandustrial, Hamptons style, classic or contemporary. Whatever the style, they are unpretentious, bold and brilliant!’’ Brett Merry | The Merry Barn

The Merry Barn's doors combine the beauty of timber teamed with a touch of metal to create a beautiful juxtaposition of materials. The natural timber infers warmth and softness, while a sleek metal track creates a clean line that makes a sophisticated statement. The two finishes create a stunning focal point that sets off the entire room.

So while Barn Doors are beginning to welcome a trend status, they are certain to be an enduring one due to their functionality and ease of installation. They are a great space saving solution given that you don't need to keep furniture clear of a swinging door, and unlike a pocket sliding door, Barn Doors are faster and easier to retro-fit and less labour intensive. This makes them much more cost effective to install.

This style of door is also perfect for creating a multi-purpose room that offers privacy when needed. As a sliding door provides a much larger opening than a swing door, it allows areas to become separate when required. Alternatively the door can be kept open for a more open-plan space.

An interior element that is sure to remain a long term classic, Barn Doors can make a grand statement in the home while still maintaining architectural simplicity and elegance that look great in all styles of homes.

If you would like to find out more about the Merry barns beautiful collection of doors, visit The Merry Barn.

The Merry Barn is based in Wattle Glen, Victoria, and ship Australia wide.

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