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Black is Beautiful - Dream Door Hardware by Lock and Handle

July 18, 2016
Black is Beautiful - Dream Door Hardware by Lock and Handle

Having up-to-date door hardware is just as important as any other interior element, yet is often overlooked. It’s actually the smallest items in a home that can really make a big difference and replacing your door handles, levers, pulls, cabinetry handles or knobs is such an easy and inexpensive way to update the look and feel of your home.

It’s always a smart investment to choose well-designed, quality pieces that add value to the home. Doing so really helps to bring it up to the next level in terms of design and aesthetics and ensures there will always be good return on investment.

If you love the sleek, sophisticated appearance of black vs. stainless steel, then you will love the range of matt black door handles by Lock and Handle. Their stunning selection of matt black hardware features elegant, sculptural profiles with a smooth finish and clean lines that make a bold graphic statement. Designed in-house by architect Edgard, who brings years of experience to create handles that are not only beautiful and affordable, but are also of the highest quality and are designed to be installed easily.

The matt black aesthetic is a relatively new trend but it is definitely here to stay as it fits so well with many other interior finishes. When teamed with materials such as timber, marble, white, grey or charcoal tiles, and metals such as brass, copper or stainless it and creates a distinctive modern edge that’s quite unexpected.

Visit Lock and Handle’s showroom in Fairfield to find a beautiful range of matt black door handles and architectural hardware designed for Australian standards, or view their collection online at Lock and Handle.

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