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Selecting a Style Of Rug

January 30, 2014
Selecting a Style Of Rug

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What are the different styles of rugs and mats you can find for your home?

Firstly – why use rugs or mats in the home? Rugs and mats in the home can be an easy and instant way to add pop, colour and literally warmth to a room. Taking the cold edge off a room is not the only practical role that rugs and mats can play – they can also make a big difference to sound management in the home, helping to absorb noise and echo in rooms.

Rugs and Mats Bazaar

Rug and Mat Textures

Let’s look at the texture of rugs and mats. Woollen rugs and mats are of course a traditional favourite – wool is such a resilient, pleasurable, warm natural fibre that it is just perfect when woven into a mat or a rug. Hand woven mats and rugs have an incredible charm – it’s the often almost imperceptible imperfection of the human weaving technique that gives rugs and mats such personality and authenticity and of course, makes them truly unique.

Heringbone Rug   Yellow Bungalow

Patterned Rugs and Mats

Patterns have a big role to play in making a mat or rug pop, or alternatively blend in seamlessly with the rest of the interior décor. Mats and rugs can of course be plain, but increasingly patterns are trending in the world of mats and rugs, with choices ranging from big, bold designs to intricate graphics that literally make some mats and rugs works of art.

House of Persia Patterened Silk Rug

Designer Rugs and Mats

Becoming quite popular is the guest designer rug or mat, which calls on a highly regarded artist or well-known celebrity to design a rug or mat as an exclusive one-off range.

Rug and Mat Shapes

Rugs and mats can be found in all sorts of shapes – from circular to oblong, from rectangular to square. Mixing and matching shapes – for instance using a round mat underneath a square table – can give your room an unexpected twist.

Circular Rug   Lilly   Lolly

Rug and Mat Sizes

Like shapes, rugs and mats come in all manner of sizes from literally doormat size to pretty much covering most of a room. The incorrectly sized rug or mat can be disappointing. For instance – a round mat that is purchased to sit underneath a round coffee table, but turns out to be of a smaller circumference than the table, can be a very awkward look. Be sure to measure the space in which you want to place your mat or rug before you go ahead and make the purchase.

Have fun shopping for the right rug or mat for your home space!

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