Under The Sheets

February 12, 2014
Under The Sheets

There are countless articles out there decoding the meaning behind the sleeping positions you and your partner find yourself in.

Apparently, if you sleep with your arms above your head, you’re a good listener. If you sleep bottom to bottom with your partner, you have a very trusting relationship...

Intrigued by this analysis, I delved a little deeper into researching these positions. It is widely determined that if you sleep on your back, you’re a confident being. It is also highly likely that you are a snorer.

As a result, you are probably exiled to Fort Couch on a regular basis.

In further analysis of couple sleeping positions it was found that spooners are well connected. If the man spoons, he is protective. If the woman spoons, she’s a nurturer. But, if you sleep on your left side, you can put strain on your internal organs.

Hang on.... where’s the win, sleep gurus?!

From all of this tossing and turning, I could deduce only one thing:

It doesn’t matter what position you sleep in, provided you’re well supported.

The health benefits associated with a good night’s sleep are widely known. The perfect night’s sleep can lead to a longer life, a happier disposition and significantly better joint health.

The technology being used for the manufacture of mattresses is exceptional. A good mattress will do the work for you, so you can rest in your favourite position.

When looking for a new bed, be sure to ask for assistance. Memory foam, latex, pocket springs in a number of different configurations- this can all be a touch overwhelming. Let the retailer guide you through the process.

So, for the sake of your well-being (and your relationship) buy a good bed.

And for The Snorer, find your perfect couch here!