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Three Quirky Christmas Tree Designs 

December 02, 2017
Three Quirky Christmas Tree Designs

This year our Christmas decorating style is about defying convention and creating unique Christmas tree themes with daring décor that will amaze, delight and are totally unexpected.

At House of Home we love little surprises, and not just when it comes to receiving gifts! We got to thinking about how we could create an alternative Christmas tree that could function well in any type of home, from established family homes to apartments and holiday homes. We considered that not all families spend Christmas day the same way. While some host Christmas lunch or dinner, others travel, some dine out and some spend the day hopping from the in-laws to the parents and so on. Not everyone wants or needs a fully-fledged Christmas tree.

Many families and couples tend to go away over the Christmas break and don’t have the time to invest in putting up and taking down a tree. Then there’s the folks who are just like the team at House of Home who love to create something that is unique that no one else has.

With that in mind, we have come up with 3 super simple ways to create an out-of-the ordinary Christmas tree that can be put together in just 10 minutes or less (we timed it) and taken down in just seconds with minimal effort required.

Unconventional Xmas Tree Styling Pickawall 1000 x 600

Look 1:

The Instant Christmas Cheer Tree

Introducing the easy, breezy, (take me with you anywhere) tree. Great for families who are going away over Christmas or don’t have the floor space at home for a conventional tree. The ‘Instant Christmas Cheer’ tree is exactly as the title implies – it’s almost instant and completely effortless to put up and take down!

Imagine a tree that is super lightweight, removable, can be rolled up and stored in a drawer or cupboard until the following year and can easily fit in the boot of a car! Another little added plus for those with small children is that this tree can be easily cleaned and is it’s completely wipe-able.

So what is the magical tree made of I hear you ask? Well, it’s actually a removable wall covering made by a company named Pickawall who happen to be Australia's largest wall mural company. They offer fully customisable made-to-order murals – with a variety of designs to choose from. Their library partners are Getty Images and Alamy, providing Pickawall access to 80 million high resolution images which you can use to create your very own tree wall mural. The sky is the limit with this roll on xmas tree option!

Unconventional Christmas Tree Styling Botanical Oasis HOH

Look 2:

The Angular Advent Tree

Using plants instead of pine needles and triangles instead of a tree, the ‘Angular Advent’ tree creates a beautiful oasis of botanicals for a tranquil, Bohemian inspired Christmas feel. Yule love this option called the ‘Trilogy’ Plant Hanger by Capra Designs as it can be hung up in the home all year round.

The triangles are interchangeable and come in black and white powder coated steel with silver c-hooks. Usually the middle triangle is hung upside down but for Xmas we just turned it around to create a tree-like silhouette. We chose blush pink pots with a touch of gold for warmth. Both the plant hanger and pots are available from Luum. The plants are a combo. of two Mistletoe Cacti with a Curly Spider plant from Zachloe.

The Angular Advent tree will breathe life into your interior, to purify the air and create a beautiful, soothing sanctuary that will help to balance out the chaos of Christmas. Its so simple to make and the result is so effective!

Unconventional Xmas Tree Styling Mexican Inspired

Look 3:

The Festive Feliz Navidad Tree

Summer is the perfect season inject your home with vibrancy, personality and flair and this Summer’s decorating trend is all about going bright and bold with colours that are vivid and adventurous. So what could be more fitting than a little Mexican Fiesta inspired decorating theme?!

It seems somewhat strange that Aussies continue to celebrate Christmas the mainstream way with a traditional snow flake covered fur tree. Sure it looks magical and cosy which is perfect for cold climates, however this style tends to clash with the usually stinking hot Decembers that we endure across the country.

As Aussies don't have seem to have a Christmas style to call our own, we thought why not swap the customary Christmas theme for a style that better suits our desert climate. That’s when we felt a Cacti moment coming on, however we wanted something that would be no mess and fuss free. Que the ceramic Cactus!

We went on a pilgrimage to Zachloe in search of the Serax cactus. Traditionally a vase, we converted it into a fancy Christmas cactus full of colour by adorning it with some bright and bold, orange and pink pom poms and BOOM the Festive Feliz Navidad Tree was born!

Here’s what you will need to get the look:

Look 1: The Instant Christmas Cheer Tree

x 1 Removable Wall Paper Tree. Available from Pickawall

x 1 'Simple' Side Table with white top. Available from Luum.

x 1 Ceramic Plant Pot. Available from Luum.

x 1 Flax Dip Cup and x 1 Side Plate in Duck Egg Blue (for Santa's milk and cookies). Available from Zachloe.

Look 2: The Angular Advent Tree

x 3 Trilogy Suspended Plant Holders. Available from Luum.

x 3 Pots to Fit. Resin Pots available from Luum.

x 3 Pots Plants – we have used x 1 Curly Spider Plant, x 1 Mistletoe Cactus No. 13, x 1 Mistletoe Cactus No. 15. Available from Zachloe.

x 2 SoH Melbourne Candles in Brass and Rose Gold. Available from Zachloe.

x 1 Rope to suspend the top triangle. Available from Spotlight.

Look 3: The Festive Feliz Navidad Tree

x 1 'Serax' Ceramic Cactus. Available from Zachloe.

x 2 Pop pom trims in pink and orange. Available from Spotlight.

Individual Pom poms in pink. Available from Spotlight.

x 1 Simple Side Table with White Top. Available from Luum.

x 1 SoH Melbourne Candle in Rose Gold. Available from Zachloe.

x 1 Copper Star Ornament. Available from Spotlight.

We hope you have lots of fun creating your very own unconventional Christmas Tree! Merry Christmas!

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