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Ideas For Transitional Kids Bedrooms 

July 11, 2018
Ideas For Transitional Kids Bedrooms

School holidays are happening and the winter weather may well be keeping your children indoors.

Here at House of Home we’re focused on design and style, and we’ve come up with some helpful tips to update your tween’s bedroom to accommodate them as they transition into their young adult lives. These tips and ideas will also help to entertain and engage your children as they can easily assist you in reinventing their rooms to their own style.

1. Colour Palette

A bedroom is a very important place for a young mind, it's their intimate space that grows with them as they head into adulthood. While your tween might love pink or blue now, they may not in a few years’ time. As such, when choosing a colour palette stay close to neutral tones such as, yellows, greens, greys, whites and creams. From there, you can add a playful aspect to the room by introducing soft furnishings in pops of colour in their current favourite hue. Items such as, curtains, cushions and rugs are fantastic as if your child changes their mind, it will be an easily managed update rather than a complete style overhaul.

Transitional Tween Bedroom - Traveling Mama

Image via Traveling Mama

2. Decorating The Walls

Updating the walls of your child's bedroom can create instant, and dramatic, impact to the style of the room. If you're hard pressed for time, and the thought of painting doesn't appeal, then we suggest easy to install wallpaper or decal graphics as the perfect alternative. Again, focus on prints that are not too age specific and as such, will seamlessly transition your child from tween to teenager. Patterns like stripes, a landscape scene, inspiring world maps, brickwork or wood paneling are a great choice. If wallpapering an entire wall is not your style, then try Japanese Washi tape. From as little as $3.50 a role, it’s a great solution for those on a budget or, those who have children who frequently change their minds! Simply apply the tape directly on the walls to create a pattern, a favourite item like a robot or, spend a rainy afternoon with your child cutting out magazine images from their favourite titles and arrange a collage stuck directly to their walls with the decorative tape.

Transitional Tween Bedroom - Four Cheeky Monkeys

Image via Four Cheeky Monkeys

Washi Tape

3. Blackboards Never Age

Blackboard walls are timeless! They are a terrific idea for both tweens and teens. This easy paint job will provide a creative outlet for tweens in their bedrooms, and it will also be useful for teens as they navigate through their high school projects. It’s an inexpensive, non time consuming easy update.

Tip: if you’re concerned about converting an entire wall, we suggest you try the blackboard paint application on the back, or front, of a wardrobe door or on the inside of bedroom's entrance door.

Transitional Tween Bedroom - Taverne Agency

Image via Taverne Agency

4. Classic Furniture Pieces

When selecting furniture for your tweens room, focus on selecting pieces that may not date as quickly or, become redundant if your child goes through a rapid growth spurt. As such, taking into account the shape, style, colour and material will help guide your choice. Timber or natural materials for bedside tables and bedframes are a fabulous choice. These tend not to age as fast as other material and designs.

Tip: think about bed frames that have built in drawers for much needed storage as, this will definitely come in handy as your child grows in stature.

Transitional Tween Bedroom - Four Cheeky Monkeys

Image via Four Cheeky Monkeys

5. Selecting A Bed

In terms of a great choice in beds for helping a tween transition into Teen, bunk beds are a great solution and, often under appreciated by many. Bunk beds are so universal and flexible. They can be adapted to transform from a tween's play area into a teen's study space with ease. Look for loft style bunks, these help provide storage space and also can be purchased in larger bed sizes to accommodate for growing legs and arms. Alternatively, if you are going to invest in a new bed at this rapidly growing stage, do like you do with clothes and go a size up. Buy a good quality double or a queen bed (a king even for those with soon to be towering boys in the family), and you won't need another until they leave the house. Plus, kids and tweens will appreciate the grown up bed feel, which can be made cosier with lots of european and body pillows.

Transitional Tween Bedroom - Four Cheeky Monkeys

Image via Four Cheeky Monkeys

6. Colurful Linen

Updating your tweens bedding and manchester is one of the easiest ways to keep their room as current and on trend as they are! Choose playful prints, repeating patterns and bright bursts of colours to help give the room plenty of character.

Transitional Tween Bedroom - Decoist

Image via Decoist

7. Lighting

Lighting should be modern with a touch of fun thrown in! Don’t shy away from a little drama, tweens are generally more open to different shapes and angles than adults. Helping select the lighting for their room is a great opportunity for your tween to express themselves. Let your child pick the lampshade or light fitting, you might find yourself surprised by what they choose.

Tip: be sure to select lighting options that will provide sufficient task lighting for when your young teenager starts bringing homework home and studies in their bedrooms.

Whether you plan redesign the entire bedroom from walls to carpets or just update the soft furnishings and lighting, having your tween help you style the room will be a rewarding activity for both parent and child. It’s important to remember that the bedroom will be their space, so letting them chose one or two key pieces of furnishings will be beneficial in helping them grow and understand their own tastes and style. Who knows, you may even unlock the imagination of a future interior designer!

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Written by Elizabeth den Dulk.