Towel Rails & Hooks

January 30, 2014
Towel Rails & Hooks

Robe Hooks

A robe hook is commonly made from a basic light metal, generally finished in polished chrome.

However they can also be made from ceramic, wood and plastic.

Robe hooks can hold 1 to 4 robes depending on the size and are easily mounted to walls and/or doors in your bathroom.

Multiple Towel Hooks

Towel Rails

Towel rails come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from single rails to multi towel rails, rectangular rails to cylinders, allowing for you to find the towel rail to match your design style.

Double Towel Rail

Also on the market is a combination of the two, usually with multiple towel rails that also allows for a shelf, as like the image below:

Towel Rail and four hooks

Towel rails and robe hooks are both installed with a simple attachment to your desired wall, depending on the type of rail or hook this will be done with screws, or if it’s a light rail, a removable adhesive strip.

Either way, towel rails and hooks can be easily installed.

Robe and towel rails need to be placed in the right location so as to avoid a cluttered look and, most importantly, to make sure they are not getting in the way of the functionality of the bathroom.

Robe hooks tend to work best on the back of doors, whilst rails work well mounted on a empty wall to make sure they don’t intrude upon the vanity or shower space.