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Top 5 Block Room Reveals

April 30, 2015
Top 5 Block Room Reveals

The Block is over for another series and wow, what a ride it was. Darren and Deanne Jolly would be nothing but over the moon after their windfall of almost $1 million. What a difference that result was from last season when they pocketed, what was seen as a meager, $10,000. I guess that's the nature of auctions though isn't - you can never be 100% it's going to go in your favour. It's so fantastic to see all the couples who worked extremely hard were rewarded for all their efforts.

With all the excitement of the auctions now over, we've had time to look back over The Block apartments and have compiled our top five room reveals. In no particular order they are:

1. Josh & Charlotte's 'Zen' Bathroom

We wrote about Josh & Charlotte's bathroom back in February when it was first revealed and we were impressed then and, well nothing has changed! The product, Elite Marmorino from a company called Antica Signoria, gave the walls an incredible polished lime finish with a wax like appearance. We love how the walls help reflect the light and give the space a luxurious, yet modest, appearance.

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rsz josh   charlottes bathroom the block

2. Jess & Ayden's 28/30 Stairwell

Jess & Ayden may have felt like their win was an easy victory given they were the only ones to complete the stairwell rooms in time for reveal however, when the judges comments were read out you could tell they were clearly chuffed. And, so they should have been. The drama of the staircase was impressive but what really captured our attention, and the judges, were the fabulous cluster of pendant lights that looked like hanging pine-cones. They had a softness about them that really created a focal point for the area. Furthermore, we really liked the use of a timber handrail couple with a glass balustrade. This thoughtful choice helped create more light in the area resulting in an illusion of more space. A very clever design.

Jess and Ayden pendant lights

Jess and Ayden pendant lights Pine cones

3. Darren & Dea's Elimination Bedroom

We adore the understated, yet sophisticated, palette of Darren & Dea's bedroom. The softness of the grey tones, layered with a hint of pastel hues then a pop of the pendant light colour is thoughtful yet retrained. Coupled with the texture of the stunning sisal wallpaper and the inviting throw - this room really is a stand out.

rsz darren and deas elimination bedroom

4.Tim & Anastasia's Bathroom

The clever floating bathroom vanity helped make Tim & Anastasia's bathroom appear bigger than what it is. The rich texture of the timber in contrast to the tile selection, makes this the focal point of the room. We particularly liked the selection of the black bathroom accessories and the charcoal tiles helped ground the overall look and feel of the room. We also think this would be a fabulous bathroom to keep relatively clean - always a consideration!

rsz tim and anastasias bathroom

5. The Exterior

The minute Scotty showed the judges how these fabulous screens adjust the light by following the sun, we were hooked. Not only are they a striking feature but, completely practical and a tasteful addition to the surrounds. Sensational.

The BLock 2015 Exterior

Photography courtesy of Channel 9 The Block, 2015 Series Triple Threat

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