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Top Tips For Designing A Play Or Rumpus Room

January 30, 2014
Top Tips For Designing A Play Or Rumpus Room

kids plyroom with storage

Creating a children’s room or rumpus room is a wonderful way to make sure that toys have a home as well as creating a special welcoming place for play. Here’s how to make the space beautiful as well as practical.


A rumpus room or playroom is a great way to contain the kids interior play area but that doesn’t mean that the room has to be taken over by toys. If you’re pushed for space but like the idea of a play room, considering having the children share a bedroom- and maybe some bunk beds- and then create your rumpus room.


The best way to create a playroom that you can enjoy along with the kids is to ensure that there’s a storage place for everything in the room. If the different toys and activities in the room each have their own place, cleaning up is easy and might even be a pleasure. Make sure the storage spaces are easy for children to use- look at low open cabinets or shelves and make sure they won’t catch little fingers!

Furniture which is Durable

When you’re approaching your interior design scheme, you can keep the room welcoming for the kids while still making sure it works for you and your budget. When you’re choosing furniture for the rumpus room you’ll want to look at furniture which is durable. Look at darker colours and tougher materials. If you can, you will want to look at floor boards or tiles rather than carpet. If you have carpet consider a rug made of a tough material like a sisal.

Sofa beds

Make sure that there’s an area for quiet time as well as the play space. Consider putting in a couch or sofa for reading and curling up. A good option for the sofa can be to invest in a pull out couch which can double as a guest bed. Perfect for unexpected guests or group sleepovers.

Change Bedrooms to Studys

Remember the the kids won’t need a play room forever. If you choose carefully, you can buy furniture which will grow with the children and can still be used later on when the playroom might become another bedroom or a study. If the kids are young enough to require smaller size chairs or tables, save money here, you won’t have them for years!


Be creative with the walls and make this a fun area for kids. Walls are one thing that are relatively easy to change later on! Think about creating a mural or using decals to create a fun colourful scene. Another great option is to use blackboard paint to turn a wall or door into a great canvas for creative kids.

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