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Top Tips For Designing A Beautiful Nursery

January 30, 2014
Top Tips For Designing A Beautiful Nursery

A nursery can be one of the most rewarding rooms you’ll ever get to design. This will be where your precious one sleeps, plays and spends treasured moments with you in. The nursery often needs to be a quiet and serene place for you and your bub to escape to, meaning it needs to be just as soothing for you as it is for them.

First Stop – Choosing the Right Room

you may only have one available room for a nursery, but if you have a few options be sure to choose a room that is located near your bedroom, ensuring you don’t have to walk far at night. The quieter the room is the more likely your baby is going to have an undisturbed sleep so select a room that is away from the street with little light and noise disturbance. The nursery will soon transition into a kid’s bedroom and if you stay in the same house, it may become a teenager’s room well into the future. Therefore the room needs to be large enough to accommodate for bed size changes, as well as all that “junk” kids collect along the way!

Step Two – Choosing the Right Colour

whether you’re expecting a girl, a boy or it’s going to be a complete surprise, the colour of the room should be soft and appropriate. As babies can often be hard to get to sleep, the more soothing and tranquil the space is, the more calming the sleeping environment will be. Now days, we have much more colour options than the typical pink for a girl, blue for a boy and “gender neutral” yellow (what boy grows up liking yellow anyway !?!) colour schemes. As long as the palette isn't a flurry of bold and alert colours, you can pretty much choose whatever colour scheme you like! Wall stickers are also a great deocrtaing solution as as your child grows, they can be removed without damaging the walls and are more cost effective and time savvy then having to re-paint. Here’s some suggestions that work:

For a Boy

This fun nursery design is great for twins! The confetti wall feature is bright without being over powering and the use of a large white tallboy is a clever storage statement that doesn't distract form the rooms theme.

This large nursery has the luxury of a day bed. The use of navy, green and splashes of red creates a playful colour scheme that is balanced with white and timber.

For a Girl

This design uses a blend or orange and peach balanced with neutrals and plenty of natural light to soften the effect. The bold orange is mellowed with softer peach tones and plenty of timber accents.

By using pink as the accent colour instead of the main feature, this room is feminine without being overpoweringly girly

For a Surprise

Soft timber tones with an edgy leopard print create a cute colour palette for this alternative nursery. Small bursts of red bring energy into the room without being over powering. The fun feline theme is carried throughout the prints and cat motifs.

A twist on the traditional Yellow gender neutral nursery by using grey as the dominant colour with bursts of different tones of yellow and white as the accent. The use of wall stickers means this room will be adaptable in the future.

Remember, creating a mood board of colours and things that you love will help you create a space you will truly fall in love with.

The Final Stage – Furniture and Homewares

It's important (and more cost effective) to research your furniture selections before you confirm your colour selections. You may find the safest and best cot is only available in timber which can clash with certain colours. Make sure you've considered what furniture is available and suitable for your nursery well before you paint the walls and hang the curtains. When it comes to defining what furniture you actually need in the room, be careful not to go overboard! The four main pieces are a crib, a comfortable chair for nursing, a changing table/dresser and storage.

The Cot/ Crib - select a cot that is safe, durable and easy to function. Then, create a safe zone around the cot by positioning it away from windows, heaters, lamps, wall decorations and cords. Keep furniture that your baby could climb on to away from the cot too.

The Chair - a rocking chair is the favored choice as this helps you nurse your baby to sleep and often brings back fond memories of your own child hood. Make sure the chair is comfortable for you, with a seat pillow and even back pillows as you may find yourself sleeping in this chair more than you plan to!

A changing table/dresser - you can choose to opt for a separate changing table and dresser, but more often than not, a dresser with a large changing pad on top is more than enough to do the job. This cuts the amount of floor space used in half as the top drawers of the dresser can double as changing storage. As babies clothes are so small, you’ll be surprised how little clothing storage you’ll actually need.

Storage - clever storage is the key in any functioning space and the nursery is definitely no exception! With so many bibs, dummies, toys, blankets, nappies, bottles etc. the important thing is to be organised from the start. If you’re lucky enough to have a built in robe, install a sectioned storage system which has separate areas for different items, making it easier to ensure things can be found easy. As you won’t need much hanging room, you can use that vertical space to your storage advantage. You can also use different coloured baskets and bins to make it easy to define groups of items. Make sure all lids are fitted on tightly or use appropriate child locks to create a safe environment for your curious baby.

Labelled, canvas bins for clever nursery storage!