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Top Tips for Creating A Beautiful Lounge Or Living Room

January 30, 2014
Top Tips for Creating A Beautiful Lounge Or Living Room

Lounge room with white chairs

When designing your lounge or living space the challenge is to create a room that is just as welcoming to visitors as it is comfortable for your family to relax in. The living room should set the mood for the home- follow our tips to make sure this is a room you get right.

People in the Lounge room

As the name suggests the living room is for just that. It’s a room that your family is likely to spend a lot of time in. Before you buy, think about how many people will typically be using the room- and how they will be using it. You may even wish to have a formal living room, sometimes called a drawing room, which is reserved for entertaining, and a more relaxed living room for day-to-day relaxing.

Using the Lounge room

Contemporary living rooms have a few extra items that an old fashioned drawing room wouldn’t include. If you’re planning to have a television in the room, you may wish to create a second area away from the television for reading or activities. You may want a low table like a large coffee table for eating while watching television or films. If your family shares a computer, the living room might be the logical place for the computer desk to sit.

Style of the Lounge room

The furniture that you choose will be the basis for the room. There are some classic interior design styles for a living room that you may wish you put a personal twist on. If you’re keen on a Modern or Contemporary style, you’ll be looking at clean lines, a neutral palette and strong geometric shapes. A Romantic or Traditional style is softer, more pastel and relaxed. And if you can’t choose just one- go eclectic!

Storage in the Lounge room

Since your room is likely to have multiple uses- from the family film night to a more formal afternoon tea, plan ahead and factor in storage. Using attractive cabinets, chests or shelving means that you can easily hide away any clutter or even conceal a television or games unit. If you’re really crafty, your sofa might even hide a full guest bed.

Soft Furniture in the Lounge room

Don’t forget the details! Getting the fixtures and accessories right is the final step in creating a beautiful living room interior. Some sofa or couch cushions can go a long way to help to highlight your colour scheme, especially if they share the same pattern as the curtains or pick up on an accent colour that you have used.

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