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Creating A Beautiful Bedroom

January 30, 2014
Creating A Beautiful Bedroom

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A bedroom is a highly personal space, and should be at once welcoming and relaxing. Follow our guide to help create a sense of calm and wellbeing in your bedroom.

Your Bedroom Space

Because your bedroom is often a space that only you or you and your partner will spend time in, you can make this space somewhere beautiful that you love. If your home is busy and full of people, a bedroom should be a calm space, for sleeping but also for taking a break from the wider world.

If your room is larger, you may want to think about creating a space for relaxation away from your bed. Is there a window that a couch or sofa could sit underneath to create a quiet space for reading? If you decide to have a television in your room, try to create a separate space for watching it, so you’re not always tempted to watch from bed. Consider placing the television inside a cabinet so it’s not always on view and you’re not always tempted to turn it on.

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Storage in the Bedroom

When you’re considering the interior design of your bedroom, make sure that you include enough storage space for your belongings. This is a simple way to ensure that your bedroom has a calm interior. You’ll want a big enough dresser for your clothes, a wardrobe for hanging clothes and shelving and cabinets for other belongings. Blanket boxes are also a fantastic way to create more space and they'll look great too, coming in a variety of materials such as oak and pine. Think about where you can be smart with storage too. Some bed frames have built in drawers which can be very useful.


Colours in the Bedroom

When you’re thinking about a colour scheme, choose something that you like. This is a space for you and somewhere that you should feel at home. If you’re keeping to a relatively neutral scheme, you may prefer to hunt for matching bedroom furniture- bed, bedside tables and cabinets. Otherwise you may wish to build in some eclecticism with these pieces, and mix and match to create a sense of fun.

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Home Decor in the Bedroom

Don’t forget about the finishing touches! Take the time to find the perfect accessories. Finding the right washing hamper or wastebasket can be just as important as buying the bigger items when it comes to creating a space that you love.


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