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Top 12 Bathroom Brands Australia

January 30, 2017
Top 12 Bathroom Brands Australia

The bathroom is one of the most important, most used and most renovated rooms of the home.

Deciding to update, refresh or renovate this space takes careful consideration and planning as it can be a big undertaking, and in some instances a considerable an expense (although a worthwhile one). As such, getting it right is extremely important. One of the key factors contributing to the successful outcome of any renovation project is working with professional suppliers and brands you can trust.

Deciding on a bathroom brand is just one small part of the process but it can have a big impact. Just knowing that you are working with a reputable company can make all the difference by offering peace-of-mind.

It’s important to have the reassurance and confidence that you are working with a brand who offer excellent quality products that not only look good but are also built to last. With so many bathroom brands on the market it can be tricky to know how to choose the one that is right you’re your project and your budget.

Taking this into consideration, we felt it was very important to find out exactly which of Australia’s bathroom brands are the best at what they do. We have researched the top dogs of the industry to bring you a list of the top 12 brands that have reputations that precede them.

Only the best brands can create the best bathroom! Discover the best of the best below including;

10 Best Bathroom Brands Astrawalker

Astra Walker

Astra Walker is an independent family-owned manufacturer that offer design solutions in both contemporary and classical bathroom fittings, tapware and bathroom accessories that are engineered in Australia.

They have carried out extensive development in their pursuit for quality and excellence for over three decades and have a vast range of finishes available including the revolutionary ‘DuraShine Chrome Plate’ which gives a much higher quality finish and provides additional protection ensuring an as new look for a longer time.

They have a beautiful range of finishes available in Brushed Platinum, Matt Black and custom finishes such as Ice Grey, Gloss Black, Aged Brass, Brushed Chrome, White, Iron Bronze, Eco Brass, Urban Brass, French Gold, English Brass & Natural Brass which allows for a large selection of designs & tastes.

They also offer the flexibility to custom develop and produce designs to meet special requirements. Their Icon tapware is absolutely exquisite and comes in a beautiful range of metallic finishes.

Discover Astrawalker products

10 Best Bathroom Brands Avenir


Avenir strive for nothing less than excellence. Established in 2000, their unparalleled range of Australian-made Bathroom Accessories and Heated Towel Ladders has placed them at the forefront of the fine bathroomware industry.

Each product is carefully crafted to offer the utmost in quality and innovative engineering. The vast majority (90%) of Avenir products are manufactured from raw materials at their state-of-the-art facility in Hornsby NSW and most of their products also carry a 10-year warranty.

Most importantly they take their environmental responsibilities very seriously. They’re are passionate about the environment and strive to minimise their carbon footprint wherever possible.

Their eco-friendly initiatives include:

  • Supporting our factory's energy usage with a 10 KW solar array

  • Investing in electric cars for our future fleet of vehicles

  • Using stainless steel instead of chrome-plated brass wherever possible

  • Their patented Hybrid Heated Towel Ladder which uses 25% less energy (which we love)!

Discover Avenir products

10 Best Bathroom Brands Caroma


Distinctively Australian, Caroma established in 1941 and have become quite an iconic brand and a true household name. Almost every Australian has turned on, sat on, bathed in or flushed a Caroma product.

Caroma products are renowned for the simplicity of their form and dependability. Yet beneath the clean lines lie complex design decisions, meticulous engineering and a relentless pursuit of quality that they never shy away from. They have some of the highest quality standards in the world. Every stage, from design conception to delivery and servicing is carefully and methodically managed and executed. Caroma has always operated with this holistic view and have many industry awards for sustainability and design.

Caroma are also a great inspiration tool. Their website consists of lots of juicy information on tips for designing your bathroom, trends, design guides, information for first time renovators and mood boards to help your ‘get the look.’

We love their ‘Caroma Cube’ collection which has stunning textures such as concrete and wood.

Discover Caroma products

10 Best Bathroom Brands Fienza 2


Relatively new kids on the block, Fienza established in 2005 and have gone from strength to strength ever since. They were born with a passion for bringing new solutions to old bathrooms and exciting customers with innovative and cutting edge designer products.

Their commitment to international quality standards has ensured that Fienza continues to be the preferred choice for beautiful bathrooms across Australia and with warehouses in both Melbourne and Brisbane, Fienza distributes nationally with reduced delivery times for all customers in TAS, VIC, SA and southern NSW.

Fienza are renowned for their “Universal Cabinet”, a cabinet that fits all Vanity Tops. After years of expanding the Universal Cabinet concept, Fienza now boasts the most comprehensive and striking vanity range in Australia. They were also was one of the pioneers who brought black bathroom products back onto the shelves, with their range of black ceramic basins and black glass vanities.

Don’t miss their ‘Montana’ textured, matte black slate basin top which looks gorgeous with matte black tapware.

Discover Fienza products

10 Best Bathroom Brands Kalessi


A family business, Kalessi Bathroomware was established in in 2001 to cater for the developer and trades person. With years of experience supplying the trades, in 2003 Kalessi Bathrooware opened its doors to the public.

The great thing about Kalessi products us that they can be customised and are not mass produced. No two bathrooms are ever the same and many bathrooms need much more than a standard design solution. Every single one of their pieces is custom made from designs provided to their manufacturers with specific material specifications.

Every one of their products is checked for quality before it is imported to ensure it is suitable for Australian bathrooms and for the Australian way of life. We are a big fan of their sleek, seamless matt finish or marble stone basins.

Discover Kalessi products

10 Best Bathroom Brands Methven


Methven are a company that strive to ensure you have at least one experience every day that fully awakens and restores your senses! They have been creating water experiences since 1886 and today, Methven is world renowned for their beautifully designed, award winning showers, taps and valves.

Over the years they have learned how to harness the power of water to cleanse, calm, refresh and invigorate. And it’s this expertise - combined with their passion for design and innovation - that fuels their ongoing mission to create amazing water experiences for their customers.

They also spend a great deal of time and effort on research and development to improve on conventional hardware solutions.

Look out for their ‘Arrow’ collection which has been beautifully designed to reflect the latest luxury modern trends, or for a point of difference check out their ‘Aio’ collection which boasts intriguing sculptural contours and elegant forms.

Discover Methven products

10 Best Bathroom Brands Novelli


Novelli is a division of Award Brands Pty Ltd which is one of Australia’s leading designers, manufacturers, importers and wholesalers of quality bathroom, kitchen, and laundryware. With its recognised brands Novelli, Gallery and Resort, their products follow current contemporary lifestyle trends to create unique and appealing European designs suited to Australian design preferences.

Novelli have a fantastic range of bathroom accessories, bathroom furniture, mixer tapware, sinkware, toilet suites and hand basins and bathroom products for assisted independent living. Be sure to check out their sleek and modern looking 'Attivo' wall hung vanity range.

Discover Novelli products

10 Best Bathroom Brands Paco Jaanson

Paco Jaanson

Since its conception, Paco Jaanson has been synonymous with the latest world trends in bathroom and design. Its products are unique creations that stand the test of time, whilst their designs highlight an exciting new era made to enhance any bathroom space.

Having recognised the new design renaissance in all things bathroom, Paco Jaanson strives to improve the functionality of the objects around us by delivering new shapes and functions to traditional bathroom apparel.

Bathrooms are very stimulating subject that have stopped simply serving one purpose: now it’s where you take care of both your body and soul.”

With this in mind, Paco Jaanson uses strong visual lines and a creative use of materials to generate unique chic bathroom attire. In fact, Paco Jaanson was instrumental in the design of the revolutionary bath filler, being the first to introduce it to the Australian market.

Their motto is that one perfect fitting can transform the ordinary into a private sanctuary that creates a palace for physical and emotional well-being.

We love their Waterfall bath mixers and Kelly Hoppen tapware range such as the 'Zero 3' Free Standing Basin Filler. Just gorgeous!

Discover Paco Jaanson products

10 Best Bathroom Brands Phoenix


This is a bathroom company with a relentless focus on design and innovation to ensure customers will always enjoy the best bathroom experience. Phoenix offer design flexibility with tailored design solutions and bespoke manufacturing services to customers globally.

Their Australian design team have a collective 72 years’ experience in the design industry and have been recognised for their outstanding achievements throughout this time with an accolade of design awards.

The utmost care and precision is taken during the creation of each product to ensure all factors involved in the design and production are in-line with Phoenix’s commitment to producing premium quality products. Their substantial warranty program and commitment to customer service is testament to this.

Keep an eye out for their amazing range of matte black tapware with rose gold or brass detailing called ‘Toi’.

Discover Phoenix Tapware products

10 Best Bathroom Brands RAM


Ram Tapware specialises in the design and manufacture of top quality bathroom fittings and has been manufacturing for over 70 years. RAM (Harbic) is currently the largest manufacturer of tapware and waste outlets in Australia.

Their smooth and sophisticated range includes single lever mixers, tapware, bathroom accessories and waste outlets to suit both domestic and commercial bathrooms. All of their products are manufactured under strict quality control and comply with Australian Standards for quality and the latest Water Efficiency Labeling Standards or WELS.

Their ‘Adero’ range is a favourite in homes across the country.

Discover RAM products

10 Best Bathroom Brands VOLA


The very first VOLA taps were designed for the National Bank of Denmark by design icon Arne Jacobsen in 1968. Vola is a family company and an exclusive design brand that represents the best of Scandinavian design supported by the latest technology.

Their taps and mixers are manufactured in Denmark using only the highest quality raw materials, and produced to the highest quality standards while taking care to preserve resources such as energy and water.

At VOLA, quality is part of their culture. Only perfect products are good enough for the VOLA customer. It takes years of training and experience to be able to bend a spout in the perfect VOLA way, produce perfect soldering and a perfect surface.

VOLA have a gorgeous collection of waterfall showers for the ultimate spa experience at home. Their iconic HV1 Tap is available in 18 different bright colours and is not to be missed!

Discover VOLA products

10 Best Bathroom Brands Villeroy   Boch 2

Villeroy and Boch

Since its foundation in 1748, the ceramic producer has developed into an international lifestyle brand. Deeply rooted in European culture, Villeroy & Boch produce innovative and stylish products to enhance people's lives, provide continuous inspiration and open up new horizons for truly personalised interiors.

Their bathroom furniture portfolio ranges from vanity units, tall/side cabinets and shelves to furniture ensembles available in a variety of different colours to ensure diverse design potential. Their bathroom wellness products include beautiful basins, baths and tapware and toilets. There is a wealth of experience and skilled craftsmanship behind the production of their products, as well as the use of state-of-the-art technology.

We love their Titan Ceram ‘Octagon’ Basin designed by Kai Steffan and their Loop Round Low Profile Vessel Basin.

Discover Villeroy & Boch products

10 Best Bathroom Brands Atrawalker 1

Below is a selection of our favourite products by the brands above.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wishlist of products, then be sure and check out our Bathroom products range.

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