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"Too Many Cooks" - Having Too Many Opinions

January 30, 2014
"Too Many Cooks" - Having Too Many Opinions

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Buying furniture is a fun activity! But everyone has an opinion on buying furniture- and they’re not afraid to share. Use our tips to help to make your furniture shop a smooth and enjoyable one.

The Preparation

There’s a difference between everyone having an opinion and everyone’s opinion being valuable. If it’s you that is making the final decision let other people know when you’re seeking their opinion- and then when you’re not.

After all, you’re doing the hard yards. The research, the scrapbooking, choosing a style and theme, budgeting, and planning the actual shopping trips and purchasing. Make sure that you have the final decisions- and the space to make these decisions.

If you feel more comfortable allocating decisions to people in your household, do this in a way that makes your job easier. Give the kids a say in choosing furniture for their bedroom- but also give them an appreciation of the budget, get them measuring, and give them a set price maximum per piece they can choose. Involve the family in the research and purchase of an entertainment unit for the TV room or living room, but make sure they thoroughly investigate all aspects of the cabinet and can present these to you.

The Budget

The reason for this is simple- the budget. If more than one person is tasked with choosing what will be purchased, it’s a lot harder to keep track of budgetary loose ends- and like it or not, this is the most important part of the process.

It can be really helpful to break down your budget by room. Know what you have to spend on the lounge, on the dining room and on the office. If you don’t have a good idea of what you want to begin with, set upper limits for each room you’re outfitting and this will give you something to work with.

Being the Mediator

If you’re shopping for a family home or otherwise shared home, you’ll want to exercise some diplomacy during the decision making period.

It’s likely that you’re the one with the most information- you have the budget and the measurements, and these factors will impact greatly on the furniture pieces you can look at. Share this information if you can! Getting family members involved in brainstorming around style and theme can be a great way to diffuse any tensions later on.

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