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Introducing the Toi Collection by Phoenix Tapware

April 18, 2017
Introducing the Toi Collection by Phoenix Tapware

The Importance of Good Design

Good design is essential to our wellbeing. It changes the way we interact with our environment and while we may not be aware of it, something that looks good and functions well actually improves quality of life.

Good design relies not just on aesthetics, but also ease of use and most importantly, the user’s experience. Even an everyday object such as tapware can improve our bathing experience by looking sleek and being easy to use.

Phoenix Toi Vessel Mixers

The Toi Collection by Phoenix Tapware

One company who take all aspects of design, functionaility and engineering very seriously is Phoenix Tapware. Their newly launched, award winning tapware collection Toi is a testament to their incredibly high standards in both quality and innovation.

Phoenix’s modernist approach to design comes with a strong focus on perusing a purity in design. Their Toi collection encompasses a beautiful but paired back, minimal aesthetic. One that harmonizes with complex, innovative German technology but is executed in its simplest form.

When creating concepts for a new product, the Australian design team at Phoenix stay true to their chief design intent throughout the entire process. Their Toi collection is a result of 18 months of design and development and the result is just sublime.

Phoenix Toi Kitchen Mixers

Toi Colour Combinations and Choosing One for Your Home

The Toi tapware form makes a bold and graphic statement where raw minimalism meets modern architecture. Combining a slim profile with clean lines and bold split finishes, this eclectic collection pairs a beautiful metallic mix of Matte Black with Brushed Rose Gold, Chrome with Matte Black, and bringing classic back to the bathroom; an understated yet elegant straight chrome option.

These finishes were chosen with great care for their versatility and timeless elegance. With a simple profile that will fit seamlessly into any bathroom or kitchen design, the choice of finishes offers the freedom to create a variety of different looks. No matter what your colour preference is, each tap will act like a piece of jewellery for the kitchen or bathroom and create the perfect finishing touch.

Chrome Tapware

The chrome finish remains an integral part of the collection for customers who want the elegance of the Toi design but want to be able to match to existing finishes. A chrome finish works beautifully in so many different settings; whether raw and earthy or modern and futuristic, chrome is the perfect partner to natural finishes such as stone, marble and wood.

Matte Black & Chrome Tapware

Uniting chrome with black creates a contemporary edge that offers an opportunity to introduce the matte black style to a home with a gentle approach. This tapware suits many varying colour palettes; from dark and moody hues such as navy, charcoal and slate to softer tones such as duck egg blue and neutral shades.

The tap’s split finish of shiny with matte emphasises its contrast and makes it the perfect accompaniment to textured stone and raw timber finishes.

Brushed Rose Gold and Black Tapware

Brushed Rose gold provides a sense of softness and warmth like no other and looks incredibly striking alongside materials such as marble and pale timbers. It beautifully contrasts with the matte black to create a stunning focal point that ‘pops’.

This finish works especially well with a neutral colour palette of muted greys, gentle pinks and a fresh, clean shade of white.

Phoenix Toi Shower Wall Mixers

Innovation and Technology

"The Toi collection unites stylish form with optimum function, we are the first to implement the twist dial handle featuring a two click indicator system. It’s unique to the Toi range, no other company in the world using it". - John Hoogendorn | Head of Research & Development, Phoenix

Each bathroom mixer in the Toi collection comes with a top quality, German made twist dial handle that not only helps to define the taps slim, minimalist design, it also functions as a safety feature which is energy efficient and saves money on energy bills.

Each Toi bathroom mixer is characterised by a twist dial mixer handle that when turned in a clockwise direction opens up the flow of cold water. As the tap continues to be turned the progressive cartridge activates the hot water flow.

A two click indicator system which can be felt by the user while turning. The first click, is set at 90 degrees and indicates when the hot water starts mixing with the cold. The second click is set at 135 degrees and signals when the water flow has an equal hot/cold mix.

Phoenix Toi Wall Bath Mixers

Safety and Energy Efficiency

Unlike a lever tap which can open in the hot water position, the Toi always commences on cold. From a safety perspective this is a major benefit for families with children who could potentially scald themselves.

The Toi is also more energy efficient than a regular lever tap as is doesn’t automatically open in the hot position. Being able to monitor the hot water levels is a big plus as it means saving money on bills.

Award Winning

This unique and individual collection manages to blur the lines between artistic and industrial, with a beautifully crafted product that is unmatched in its luxurious sculptural form and highly innovative function.

It’s no wonder the Toi range has been internationally recognised with a 2017 iF Design Award and will no doubt continue to be a runaway success in the future.

"We like the twist dial handle of the Toi range because functionally it is so simple to use. You are able to adjust the water temperature with ease as the dial motion is extremely smooth and fluent compared to regular lever handled tapware. We also love the minimalist look". - Amy Johnson | Phoenix Tapware Customer and Competition Winner

Phoenix Toi Collection Tapware

Why Choose Phoenix?

Established in 1989, Phoenix have become household name by building a reputation that precedes them. With 28 years of expert knowledge and wealth of experience under their belt, Phoenix are a brand you can trust.

All of Phoenix’s products are designed to suit Australian homes and compliment our lifestyle. With full control over the quality and performance of their products, Phoenix are able to offer a substantial warranty program - just another testament to their products and customer service.

Phoenix have been awarded a 6 star WELS rating for water efficiency on many of their products. This enables them to offer top quality products that help customers save money on water and energy bills.

"Creating a sense of well-being in the bathroom is essential. Phoenix is a company that is first class in style, innovation and engineering. Their range of Tapware, Showers and Accessories are unbeatable". - Daniel Moore | Online Manager at The Bathroom Biz and retailer of Phoenix products

Where to Buy Toi Tapware

You can find the Toi range from our retailers The Bathroom Biz and Sydney Taps below, or shop the full range here.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wish list of products, then be sure and check out our Bathroom products range.

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