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6 Tips For A Sparkling Bathroom

July 12, 2017
6 Tips For A Sparkling Bathroom

Fact: A clean bathroom looks bigger, more inviting and is of course much more hygienic.

We all know this, however, the last thing anyone wants to do on their weekend is spend time during one of those short, precious days scrubbing away in the bathroom. So how does one find the right balance between keeping the bathroom looking shiny and new without having to become a weekend slave to it?

This a topic that the team at House of Home feel strongly about so we decided to find a solution! We reached out to Daniel Moore, manager of the Bathroom Biz for some expert advice.

Daniel has kindly shared six awesome tips and design ideas that will help to create a bathroom that practically cleans itself (well almost!).


1. Reduce grout lines

'No one enjoys scrubbing grout lines in between tiles. The best way to reduce your bathroom cleaning time is by removing grout from wet areas. This will help limit the amount of mold build up and, in turn reduce time consuming scrubbing. Your best grout replacement options are solid stone slabs, back-painted glass, and mildew resistant paints''.

''If you prefer tiles in your shower area then you can limit the size and amount of grout lines by choosing large format tiles. Then, you can focus on using smaller tiles still in the bathroom but not in the areas where daily contact with water happens. Dark grout is also a great option for those who wish to scrub their tiles every other week, rather than weekly, given they can mask the build up of grime''.


2. Minimise the amount of glass

"There’s an increasing trend in bathroom design that does away with traditional screened off shower areas. Known as ‘wet zones’ these areas have no door but with good design results in no exposed water ares. These low maintenance bathrooms are making a splash by eliminating the elements that sometimes take the most amount of time to clean for example glass doors and shower curtains".

"You can create an entire bathroom which is effectively a wet zone or you can partition it with a wall. Either or, you’ll be saving yourself time wiping down surfaces. Concrete as a wall and floor alternative, can make for an amazing looking bathroom".


3. Wall mount as much as you can

"Cleaning the bathroom floor is so much faster and easier if there nothing is sitting on it. Clearly mop under vanities and toilets or bidets with ease, reduce your cleaning time and give your bathroom a modern minimalist look".

"Wall mounted tapware also will cut down on your cleaning time as soap scum will never build up at the base, all you’ll have to do is give it a quick wipe down".


4. Solid surface basins save you time

"You will be surprised, but it will be much easier for you to wipe down a solid surface basin than a raised one with its often hard to clean areas. Combine with your wall mounted taps and you’ll be able to spend less time cleaning and more time soaking in the tub".


5. Opt for a freestanding bath

"Enclosed tubs go hand and hand with more grout scrubbing. Do away with that extra elbow grease time by installing a stand-alone bathtub in your bathroom. Placing a tub in the centre of your bathroom might sound awkward, but it will create a natural flow to the room".

"Combine a standalone tub that’s flush to the floor with free standing or wall mounted tapware and you’ll ever have to clean those awkward nooks and crannies again".


6. Implement clever storage

"Having a home for every item in your bathroom will also help to declutter your space. Concealed or integrated storage, such as behind the mirror, within the vanity unit, or a wall mounted cupboard helps to keep the bathroom looking tidy".

"Other tips I suggest investing in are: labeling the inside of draws, and incorporating draw dividers, these are an excellent way to assist guests and family members to locate where various items belong and keep draws clean and easily accessible.".

"By following the strategies listed above you will soon find yourself spending less time cleaning your bathroom and more time admiring a fresh and welcoming space". *Daniel Moore, Manager | The Bathroom Biz

Tired of unsightly cleaning products clogging up the space under your sink? Go fresh, healthy and clean with the Bathroom Biz's natural all-purpose cleaning spray recipe. Soon you're bathroom will shine and sparkle like new!

DIY Multipurpose Bathroom Cleaner

2 Cups of water

1 Tb baking soda

3 Tb liquid castile soap (or vinegar)

10 drops of tea tree oil

10 drops of your favouirte essential oil (for smell, we suggest orange oil, lemon myrtle or lavender)

Combine ingredients by pouring the water, then baking soda, soap and essential oils into a bottle. Attached nozzle and shake well before using. Suitable for bathtubs, toilets, tiles, sinks and flooring. Use citrus juice as an alternative to essential oils

We would like to thank Daniel Moore of the Bathroom Biz for his fantastic tips on how to keep our bathrooms looking beautiful.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wish list of products, then be sure to check out our Bathroom products range.

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