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Tips To The Perfect Pantry

July 21, 2014
Tips To The Perfect Pantry

If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered life, what’s a cluttered pantry? We’re big believes in a cleverly planned, logically organised pantry – call us storage snobs but we think it makes a huge difference to how the whole kitchen functions. It’s often an unassuming, modest space, but we think this thoroughfare deserves plenty of respect! If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, or you want the best out of your new build when it comes to smart-working spaces, here are…

Six ideas to make your pantry perfect!

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1. Storage

It’s become a modern-day buzz word, but in this day and age space is a commodity and storage becomes increasingly important for maintaining household sanity. Few places is this more paramount than in the pantry. Think about how often you use it – probably three sessions a day around the preparation of meals, but what about for odds and ends like the brush and shovel, the iron and ironing board, the First Aid kit and all those other items that invariably end up in the pantry? Storage helps sort it all out. Think about smart use of corners and otherwise challenging areas to access.

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Lazy Susan style shelving and sliding/ retractable shelving can be really smart uses of pantry space. Not only do they allow you to maximise your storage, but in doing so they help alleviate clutter.

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A closed cupboard space devoted entirely to those bulky items (like the vacuum, the broom, First Aid etc) will help keep these separate to food storage areas. Another great step (and one that can be done to existing spaces) is to buy stackable containers that can sit one a-top of the other. Not only does this efficiently store otherwise challenging objects (e.g, a half-used packet of flower), but it also helps protect the food from unwelcome visitors such as insects or worse still, rodents.

2. Special Shelving

Aside from the big white appliances, what other kitchen items are necessary in the day-to-day running of your household? Microwave? Kitchen Aid? Thermomix? These are rather large, bulky items that – if relegated to the pantry without any real planning– can really make this awkward and tight for space. If however, they’re given their own effective ‘hidey hole’ (which in some cases might include a pull-out surface), then the pantry takes on a whole new level of efficiency. Consider appliance-specific shelving when you are planning your pantry.

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Custom Kitchen designers can also design and build something specific for your needs.

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3. Work Space

A good pantry doesn’t just find a home for everything – it creates space for preparation as well. Benchtops are every bit the commodity in a successful pantry (and kitchen) design. Pull-out benches are a great way to keep space in check, and moveable islands that double as additional storage space and benchtop surfaces can give you plenty of flexibility.

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4. Let There Be Light

Very rarely does a pantry enjoy any natural lighting. On the contrary the lack of windows can often help regulate the temperature for this area. However, that of course creates a problem – especially if your pantry doubles as a workspace area. Lighting is really important – look for options that will illuminate the whole space so you can more easily find that pesky little jar of whatever it is, or settle in comfortably and see clearly while you prepare that shortcrust pastry from scratch.

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5. The Pros of Power

Power points and locations of switches should never be underestimated. Wherever possible, make sure points are double rather than single, and not so close to a surface so that certain cords won’t insert properly. Likewise, make sure switches are in the most accessible spot when entering or existing the pantry. The last thing you want in your pantry is cords running from the kitchen in, or from one place to another.

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6. Keep a sturdy stool handy

If you’ve gone all out maximising your pantry space, chances are you’ve built up! Of course those ‘occasional-only’ items will be stored here but at some point, the occasion to use them will indeed arise. Having a safe and sturdy stool that can be easily moved around, yet remains in the pantry, is a good option. It not only means you’ll get what you want fast, but (more importantly) you perhaps won’t turn to the closest (and possibly most precarious) substitute, which can be a recipe for disaster. Here’s to pantry perfection and meal time magic!

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