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Tips On Moving

January 30, 2014
Tips On Moving

Moving house can be a stressful time. Like most things, the more prepared you are hopefully, the easier moving day will be for all involved.

Making the decision to hire a removalist is a popular choice, as you don’t have to worry about anything on moving day other than making sure you have boxed up all your items.

Most companies charge by the hour, with prices starting around $90 an hour and increase based on the amount of people required, accessibility to the home etc.

This price is based on some of a medium sized removalist company, which would be suited to moving a family house hold.

The tech savvy mover can always find a great deal by advertising their need on a public site, this will result in moving companies offering their service to you.

Whilst this can get you a better deal on an hourly rate, time restrictions may apply as the removalist may be trying to fill a small time block.

For the motivated and hands on person, moving yourself may be the best option, as companies tend to offer a range of truck sizes and a flat rate for hiring their vehicles.

With prices starting from approximately $109 for 24 hours it is the more economical option but obviously requires more effort than hiring someone to move for you.

Pre-moving stress can be handled very simply, it’s all about preparation, preparation and preparation.

Simple measures such as starting a clean out early, packing away items that won’t be used for a while first and organising storage for valuable items you don’t plan on taking in the move can all add to a more enjoyable moving day.

If there is any doubt during a pre moving clean out follow this simple rule: ‘IF YOU HAVEN’T USED IT IN THE PAST YEAR, THROW IT OUT!’ as chances are you will never use it again and it will just take up space.

Also, it's very important to consider your pets.

Walking your dog around the new area you are moving to will help familiarise and settle the dog.

It's important to explore the surrounding area with your dog so they can adjust to the new environment.

Making a fuss about your dog when leaving and returning home is not advisable, as it can cause stress for your dog and result in a behavioural change for the worse.

When moving day arrives for cats, place him/her in a secure room or cat carrier before the removalist arrive.

Once you have moved everything into your new house, and the place has become quiet, choose a room which your cat can become familiar with over the next few days, this will become their room until things settle down and they can be introduced to the rest of the house and its surroundings.

Moving is a stressful as you make it, and that’s why these decisions should be made early on to avoid the last minute rush that only makes the situation worse.

Set yourself goals when preparing for a move, plan to have a room packed up each day in the lead up to moving day, pack all non-essential items first and leave only the absolute essentials items to be packed on moving day.

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