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Tips For Styling Your Balcony or Small Garden Space

October 04, 2017
Tips For Styling Your Balcony or Small Garden Space

Spring is in the air finally! And now it’s time to shrug off your winter coat and get ready to embrace the sunshine.

What’s that? Your balcony or garden isn’t looking so chic? Well don’t get too stressed about it because House of Home is here to help! Think of your balcony or garden as an extension of your indoor space. You want to be able to move freely from one space to the other with comfort an ease.

It may sound tricky, but even if you’re balcony is only a meter square, there is a way to achieve balcony bliss! So roll up those sleeves and put your work clothes on because we’re going to teach you how to style your balcony or garden like a pro! We’ll help you makeover your dated shabby space into a summer paradise to the envy of all your friends and family!

"To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves." | Mahatma Gandhi

rsz colour palette balcony ideas tips

1. Colour Palettes

Just like dealing with interiors, when designing your garden or balcony you should choose a colour palette before starting. Keep a strong base colour of ever greens, using as many shades of greenery as you like, but try to stick to no more than three vibrant colours when starting out. The more colours you have will make your small space look busy and cluttered.

2. Enhance Your Pots

Jazz up your existing pots by using pebbles or stones as a decorative top layer. Pebbles will stop the top soil for running over the lips after watering and helps to resist weeds from pushing through the soil. Painting existing pots or purchasing ones painted in on-trend colours will also help to give your mini garden space a facelift!

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3. Size Does Matter

Consider the pot and planter sizes before you purchase, think carefully about whether you wish to have a collection of varying sizes or a minimal look. You will need to judge which look will work best with your overall desired style and if you have a balcony, judge it against the weight baring load. Just keep in mind that in a small garden or on a balcony, one large container with plants inside can create greater perception of space than 20 smaller pots of varying size.

4. Choose The Right Plants

Choose low maintenance plants that can sustain the elements to decorate your balcony or small garden. These plants are perfect for those after the wild “secret garden look” as if left unattended these plants to grow freely and soon you’ll have a beautiful lush garden heaven.

"My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece." | Claude Monet

5. Tables and Chairs

If you enjoy brunching in the sun, then you patio furniture is a must! Select lightweight colourful furniture for balconies, for ground level mini gardens go with your hearts desire and choose plush occasional chairs or small outdoor settings.

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rsz balcony screen ideas tips decorating your balcony

6. Privacy

Don't want your neighbours peaking over your rail or fence as you enjoy the sunshine, then try using bamboo by creating a green screen with creeping or vine plants.

rsz artificial decking fake grass balcony inspiration

7. Artificial Flooring

Tired of looking at drab, unsightly grey concrete under your feet? Upgrade your mini garden with artificial click system decking or artificial grass to give your balcony more colour and life.

"Gardens are not made by singing 'Oh, how beautiful,' and sitting in the shade." | Rudyard Kipling

rsz balcony hanging plants verticle gardens

8. Vertical Gardens

Get inspired by images the magical hanging garden of Babylon! Take advantage of space by using vertical gardens and hanging pots.

rsz outdoor lighting patio balcony

9. Lighting

Turn your balcony or mini garden into a magical space and create a cosy romantic atmosphere with mini lantern strings or fairy lights or small pendant lights. To add an extra illusion of space to your small garden or balcony, hang or prop a large mirror or a cluster of mirrors, against the fence or walls of your space.

10. Think Durable

Invest in durable and comfortable outdoor furniture in which you can sit back, relax and enjoy your mini Eden without worrying about the effect of the elements. Choose bright vibrant colours to enhance and complement your spring and summer flora.

"Garden as though you will live forever." | William Kent

Whether you decorating your apartment balcony, or just giving your courtyard a face-lift, we hope you will be inspired this spring with our helpful tips.

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