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5 Tips For Perfect Outdoor Living

January 29, 2016
5 Tips For Perfect Outdoor Living

We are in the height of the Australian Summer and this is the perfect time to be enjoying the longer days by, opening up that back door and spending those last few twilight hours under the setting sun and star gazing.

So what does your outdoor space mean to you? For some, it’s a tranquil place, to others it may be a space for gathering with friends over a meal or you may have a dedicated space for children to play and relax. Whatever your outdoor space looks like, I've compiled some inspiration to ensure that you are maximising its use over this glorious Australian Summer.

1. Pool Decor

If you have a pool I’m sure you are really popular with your friends and neighbours on those evening that the temperature is still hovering inthe 30’s, however having a pool can also mean your approach to outdoor furniture is different.Try adding some recliners or a day bed for laying down and relaxing poolside. Add some large poufs and cushions for the kids to use (when they aren’t performing water tricks!). If you have enough space within your pool area, consider a small table or bench allocated for drinks and some storage boxes for all of the pool gear.

Pool side relaxing

2. Shade It Up and Keep Cool

Are you avoiding your backyard due to the lack of shade? Well it may be that those small trees will take too long to grow to give you natural shade, but some awnings, or beach style umbrellas will allow you to move them around as you need and give you the much needed respite from the full sun. How about a tent? You don’t have to be at the beach to get a lot of fun out of pitching an a-frame tent for the children. Allocating them a small shaded space outside that looks fun and keeps them shaded is a win win! If you have a patio area with a roof structure the addition of a ceiling fan will provide a great breeze on those still nights.

3. Light Up The Night

Even though we enjoy the long days in summer, when the sun does eventually set, it’s nice to keep the ambience going with outdoor lighting. Think of adding some outdoor lighting to your backyard or stringing up some fairy lights or using candles. Collecting old wine bottles or glass jars are a great vessel for candles and if you are hosting a party in your yard, stringing along some festoon lighting around the pool will have your guests swimming long after the sun is set.

Outdoor alfresco lighting

4. Small and Compact

Want to maximise your small backyard, courtyard or balcony? You can still create that summer vibe even if your space is small. Think of using chairs and a table that fold easily and perhaps a vertical garden or pots to give everything that portable element. Adding pops of colour in your favourite summer hue with some funky cushions, rugs or pot holders. Now you just need to grab a freshly made beverage of your choice, a good book or magazine and enjoy your balcony in the Summer breeze.

Alt text

5. Dine Alfresco

To help you spend more time outside, commit to sharing one of your meals each day outdoors. Perhaps breakfast with the family before work, or lunch with your children or dinner with friends is the way to get you motivated to be outdoors. Using bench seating will accommodate more people and allow for flexible arrangements. Being outdoors can give you the creativity to have some fun with your outdoor dining decor. Maybe you could create a Moroccan theme or fill the table full of flowers from the garden...really anything goes! Don’t have enough chairs? Gather everyone around some coffee tables and sit on cushions. The rules for dining alfresco are...there are no rules! Have fun and enjoy your outdoor space.

Balcony relaxing

We'd love to hear how you use your outdoor space so please feel free to comment below!

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