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This is the New Bohemian

March 06, 2018
This is the New Bohemian

Loving the relaxed feel of Boho, but not quite ready to embrace lots of pattern, texture and colour at home? Here's a slightly different twist - let's call it Boho 2.0 where Scandinavian minimalism meets coastal bohemian, and a relaxed, airy, inviting room is the result.

Since the resurgence of boho back in 2013, the trend has experienced a few interpretations - from coastal to shabby chic, and eclectic to quintessentially hippie, in 2018 the new bohemian wave marries two popular styles, Scandinavian minimalism and coastal bohemian.

Meet Kate, the creative behind Instagram's @Kate.Lives.Here, her styled bedroom is a great example of the new Bohemian. Kate lives on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful Queensland with her husband and two furbabies Marli and Flynn. We spoke to Kate about her inspirations, vibe, styling secrets and philosophy.

Meet Kate

When did your interest in interior design begin?

My love and interest in interior design really began when we began to design our very own home back in 2014.

Can you describe your bedroom style in three words?

Tranquil, peaceful and calming.

What is the overall vibe of your bedroom?

To be honest, I have played with different styles but I’ve always had a thing for tropical vibes - it makes sense living in a coastal area as well.

We love the plants in the room, any tips for picking plants to suit your space?

I say go with anything but you will always need to rotate them outside so they can photosynthesise. By rotating it can also make your room feel fresh and revamped. If you’re really unsure you can't go wrong with a snake plant (or Mother in laws tongue) - they are super easy to care for.


What is your favourite thing about the room?

I love the fact that there is no clutter! I can’t stand clutter - it makes me feel stressed and overwhelmed. Having too much “stuff” in a bedroom is a big no no for me.

What were some of your must-have pieces when designing your bedroom?

Obviously a good bed! Having a bed frame that makes a statement really helps to ground the room.

Did you have any challenges with the space?

Size. Size is always an issue. I love a large bedroom, but unfortunately these days when you’re on a budget, you have to compromise on space and work with what you’ve got.

What advice do you have for others thinking of changing up their bedroom?

Stay true to your style and don’t go OTT with pattern! If you want a relaxed feel stick to lighter colours. White is a favourite of mine (not always for everyone) but it does makes the room feel more relaxed and calming! If you can’t do white? Opt for a natural flax/taupe colour! Then use cushions to add your accent colour. By keeping your linen neutral, it will last a lifetime and never date. Cushions are less expensive to replace and give your room a fresh new look.

It looks like you've got some great storage solutions in the room, can you describe them?

We have a walk behind closet which stores all of our clothes shoes and accessories. Keeping our drawers and shelving exposed allows for easy access, and makes it easier to access our outfits. Plus it also stops us from dumping our clothes on the floor. If your wardrobe is exposed you're more inclined to keep your clothes organised!!


Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration comes from everywhere.... Pinterest , Instagram, photography, fashion. I honestly look everywhere!

Who is your 'Interiors Hero'?

I honestly don’t have a hero or follow anyone in great detail. Everyone has their own style and ideas.

You mentioned your style has evolved a lot in 3 years, what changes have you noticed?

A whole lot has changed! We started with the bare minimum and have gradually built up. I've finally realised that it's quality, not quantity that counts! It's taken a while to become comfortable with my own style, and not comparing myself to others or trying to keep up with trends.

What interior trends are you loving coming into Autumn?

I’m staying away from trends and keeping to what I like. Trends always fade, but style is forever!

What are some your go-to interiors brands?

I don’t have any go-to brands, but I do like finding things that other people don’t have or making things. Hubby and I are always up for a bit or DIY! Making your own furniture adds a unique touch to your home.

Are their any hidden gems or hot tips that we should know about?

Be unique!

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Image Credits: @Kate.Lives.Here