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The Ultimate Moving Checklist 

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Most of the stress involved with moving house is due to time constraints, and that nagging feeling of having forgotten to do something important. While moving house is never a breeze, following this moving house checklist can make sure your local, interstate or even overseas removal is done in a methodical way, and that the workload is spread over time to avoid a traumatic, frantic finish.

Kent Removals & Storage has sharpened this craft while moving a million Australians over seven decades. Over this journey, the ultimate moving checklist has been continuously refined to cater for every possible problem you might encounter during moving.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a stones throw, a long drive or an international flight, there are some moving tips that are always a must.

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Basic Moving Must’s:

Shed the Dead Weight

  • Everyone is little bit of a hoarder at heart, and the longer you’ve been at your current house, the more clutter there will be to clear. Moving house is the perfect time to spring clean.

Be the Early Bird

  • The earlier you start moving, the more the stress will be spread. There’s any number of jobs that you can get done as early as a few months before your move. The further you are ahead of schedule, the better equipped you will be when unexpected turbulence comes. Some of these early-bird jobs include:

Organise Paperwork

  • Passports, birth certificates, bank statements and any other documentation can be extremely time consuming to replace. One of the first things to check off the list is getting those important papers packed away in waterproof storage. Any old photos (especially when there’s no digital copy) should be included in this storage.

Book your Removalists

Share your New Address

  • Family and friends aren’t the only ones who need to know you’re moving house. Letting the tax office, landlord, council, Australia Post, utility companies and your bank know that you’re going to have a new address is crucial to preventing head aches once you’ve settled in.

Kids and Pets

  • Pet registries need to be notified if your pet has come into their neighbourhood. Organising someone to look after your children and pets can be a good idea on moving day if you think they could hold things up. If you’re moving overseas or interstate, organising pet transport early is key.

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7 Days Before Moving

  • Once you get to within a week, it becomes less about thinking ahead and more about not forgetting anything. So here’s a list of the errands to run from the start of the week, right through moving day:

  • Write out the instructions you need to give the removalists

  • Drain, defrost, clean-out and empty your fridges and freezers

  • Pack your essentials kit, including medicine, food, water, a first aid kit and toiletries

  • Finish packing and boxing, marking everything that’s fragile or a priority

  • Make all the returns and pick-ups you need to for items like dry-cleaning, library books and borrowed DVDs

  • Save all electronic data and records, whether it’s on a USB, hard drive or in the cloud. Make sure everything is backed up

  • Clear pathways for yourself and your removalists to work in

  • Arrange a final home inspection

  • Return and pick-up house keys

  • Leave the garage remote behind.

Last, but by no means least, enjoy your new home!