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The Ultimate Kitchen Renovation 

September 26, 2014
The Ultimate Kitchen Renovation

Forget about budgets.

Forget about restraints.

Forget about blown-out builder schedules.

Welcome to a dream state – tips for the ultimate, most amazingly renovated kitchen.

Welcome to a world that takes you to the cream of the crop in kitchen renovations.

The only idea we’ve left out is the full-time chef and cleaning team. Sigh.

1. Mean without caffeine?

If (like us) you tend not to function well at all until the first coffee of the day, then your dream kitchen reno must start with a coffee machine.

No – we don’t mean the funky Italian espresso that sits on the stovetop and packs nicely into an overnighter.

We mean a built-in coffee machine that is enough to elicit envy in the most talented café barista.

We mean the real deal.

Whether you want to finesse patterns in your coffee crema, or you’re fastidiously searching for the perfect strength short black, do it all with the real deal.

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2. Would you like water with that?

As in boiling hot water in an instant?

Or ice-cold water at the drop of a hat?

Or what about sparkling in less than a second?

Zip tap gives you any of all three at literally the press of a button.

Forget having to wait for the kettle to boil.

Forget having to pop the cubes out of the ice tray.

Forget having to lug sparkling bottles from the supermarket shelf to your fridge.

Zip tap offers all three, literally on tap.

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3. I like my wine to be….Perfect

Of course you do.

Because in the perfect kitchen reno there is only room for the perfect drop of wine.

Indeed, in the world of the ultimate kitchen renovation, there is no such thing as hot summer days heating up your favourite wine bottle.

There is no such thing as freezing cold weather making it hard to serve your red at room temperature.

No siree – in the world of the perfect kitchen renovation there is only the temperature controlled fridge made exclusively for your favourite drops.

Chin chin to prioritising your kitchen accessories.

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4. Don’t you close a thing

We don’t want you lifting one finger more than you should in the world of the perfect kitchen renovation.

That is why your ultimate kitchen comes with Blum hardware – self-closing drawers that do all the hard labour for you.

Besides – you should be too busy perfecting that latte or organising a vino taste test!

5. A signature splashback

Why buy a splashback when your dream kitchen reno can be home to a signature splashback.

Curate your own photograph, or select from an image bank of exclusive designs, and have them turned into the splashback of your kitchen dreams.

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6. Mood lighting

The dream kitchen does not come drenched in blinding light.

Oh no – the ultimate in kitchen renovations will see LED lighting strips running along in your kitchen, be it floor, bench or ceiling height.

There’s nothing like the very latest in lighting to make your kitchen look like it’s already living in the next millennia.

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7. No such thing as dirty work

There are sinks for doing the dirty work, and then there are sinks that look like they should be a side exhibition at the Louvre.

We know which one belongs in the dream kitchen renovation.

Fireclay drop sinks are a thing of beauty; a touch of natural elegance to any kitchen design.

This is kitchen living.

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You may be lucky enough to embark on your own ultimate kitchen renovation, or you might decide just one or two of these dreamy delights is a justifiable addition to your kitchen space.

We hope we’ve helped get your dreams off to a quality start…

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