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The Ultimate Integrated Kitchen

July 21, 2014
The Ultimate Integrated Kitchen

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How Louise leaves her kitchen each day, we’ve got no idea.

Frankly, we wouldn’t want to part with it if it were ours!

The owner of Stocks Appliances, Louise certainly had her finger on the product pulse when it came to renovating her family’s home kitchen.

But it might surprise you to know that in terms of the overall kitchen itself, she wasn’t quite sure what she was after.

Calling on the services of an expert was her first flawless move – a kitchen designer came to the Tudor house and immediately got a sense for its potential.

The result – a brilliantly functioning kitchen that is every bit as performance driven as it is a visual knock-out.

How does a kitchen reno create family time?

The real surprise factor for Louise has been the family effect.

It wasn’t part of the brief – Louise didn’t even think it could be something a renovation could achieve – but the renovation has brought her family together. Literally.

Once the old Tudor style layout of smaller rooms and lots of walls meant that Louise was very removed from her family whenever she prepared meals.

They would be in one area, and she would be in another, unable to see or talk to her children unless they popped into the kitchen whilst she was cooking.

Now that a wall has been removed and the whole space has been opened up, all family members naturally gravitate to the kitchen benches.

Louise has never spent so much quality time with her 16 year old son and 13 year old daughter!

That’s certainly been the surprising and most wonderful outcome of this kitchen reno but trust us when we say there is a whole lot more this space delivers!

Intergrated White Gloss Kitchen

Louise's stunning, modern, fully integrated kitchen. Image courtesy, Enigma Interiors.

The best of the best

Louise’s appliances are second to none, but there’s been a lot of thought in the selection.

For example, she doesn’t have just any oven – she has a combination steam oven meaning she has the option to roast, bake or steam from the one product.

She doesn’t own a kettle anymore – the hot water tap and the chiller tap deliver boiling or super cold water instantly.

Fully Intergrated Steam Ovens

Wouldn't you just love to whip up a five course meal using these appliances. Image courtesy, Enigma Interiors.

It’s all about integration

Louise has an integrated fridge and integrated dishwasher.

In other words – these products are ‘hidden’ behind the kitchen’s cabinetry so the overall look is seamless, rather than having certain items stand out (often like sore thumbs.

We’ve all seen a great kitchen ruined by an average fridge?

Easy peasy

So you might not be able to see Louise’s integrated dishwasher straight away, but once you do, you’ll be impressed a second time around.

There’s been so much thought go into this kitchen, and the dishwasher is just one example.

Rather than sit low as per the conventional response, Louise’s dishwasher is basically at waist height, meaning there is no bending to load and unload.

Moreover, there is no door to trip over when the kitchen’s dealing with peak traffic. Brilliant.

Industrial Pendant Lights in Intergrated Kitchen

These industrial pendants look perfectly at home. Image courtesy, Enigma Interiors.

Electric’s the answer

OK, hear us out.

It might not seem like a big deal to manually open and close drawers and cupboards, but what if you could do it by simply pushing a button?

For example, you’re preparing a dinner party and you have ten things on the go at once, pushing a button to open and close is so much easier.

It’s these small touches that send a kitchen into a different stratosphere of functional. Sigh.

Fully Intergrated White Gloss Kitchen with Black Benchtops

Now you see it, now you don't! Did you spot the electrical storage integrated in the kitchen benchtop? Incredible! Image courtesy, Enigma Interiors.

Can you hear that silence?

You will not hear boo from Louise’s kitchen.

It’s designed to not only soak up steam and odours, but noise as well.

From the fridge to the range hood to the dishwasher, this is one very quiet operator.

Modern Rangehood Extraction

No chance odurs, steam or smoke will get past this rangehood. Image courtesy, Enigma Interiors.

Seek out knowledge

Louise’s best advice?

Learn from the experts.

Staff at Stocks Appliances are incredibly well educated about the products they sell.

Not only do they know them inside and out, but they know all the questions to ask before deciding whether or not they’re in fact the right solution for you.

Don’t take on the mammoth task of trying to research and educate yourself about every aspect of your reno – seek out the people who know and save yourself vast amounts of time and energy.

Check out Stocks Appliances and be sure to give them a call, or visit their store, for expert advice.

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