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The Magic of an Organised Wardrobe 

December 13, 2017
The Magic of an Organised Wardrobe

When it comes to decluttering and organising the home, the areas to choose from can seem endless.

Just the thought of having to spend one's precious free time attending to those problem areas can be overwhelming to say the least. However, it is possible to contain the chaos and it all starts with a combination of coffee and positive thinking! Jokes aside, the best way to tackle clutter is to choose a specific area as a starting point to focus on.

One the main culprits for the build-up of clutter and mess is a disorganised wardrobe.

Reasons for an disorganised wardrobe

There are a few reasons why a closet may become dysfunctional. Let’s be honest, with trends changing so rapidly and the opening of fast fashion franchises such as Zara, Top Shop and H&M in Australia, it’s no surprise that a wardrobe may fall victim to an overstuffing of clothing to the point of disarray.

Then again, perhaps the issue isn’t the amount of clothes you own, having adequate storage or even the right type of storage will greatly impact on wardrobe's functionality. It could even come down to the way you fold or hang your clothes.

Whatever the reason, If you're tired of struggling to find a home for everything, the good news it there is a solution, in fact, there are several solutions.

Solutions for an disorganised wardrobe

This article takes you through all the ways you can make your wardrobe work best for your needs. Learn how to maximise your available space to and get the most out of your closet.

Whip your wardrobe into shape with these magical tips and tricks below.


Step 1: Assess your needs and decide upon your wardrobe goals.

  • Do you need to cull? (Remember to be realistic, most people need to cull).
  • Do you need to tidy?
  • Do you need to create more space?
  • Do you need find a home for more shoes, bags, hats, jewellery?

These are all questions to ask yourself before you can establish your needs.

Step 2: Think you don’t need to cull? Try anyway.

Ridding yourself of clothes and shoes that are no longer worn is like lifting a weight from your shoulders, not to mention your wardrobe.

Here’s where you need to be brave, be honest and be ruthless by the analysing the following:

  • Have you worn it in the last 2 years? If you haven’t worn it two years, seriously ask yourself if you will ever really wear it again?

  • Does it fit? If it doesn't fit donate it! Don’t stress yourself with the pressure to fit into something from years gone by. Shapes change and so does fashion, it’s likely you will never wear this garment again even if you do fit back into it one day.

  • Does it flatter? Okay it may still be the in thing but if it makes your bum look big do you really want to jump on that fashion bang wagon? So you made mistake, we all do. Donate it and replace it with something makes you look hot.

  • Does it need mending? Again the 2 year rule applies here. If after this time you haven’t stitched that button back on or sewn that hole, it ain’t gonna happen.

  • Asses quantities. 12 jumpers, 50 pairs of shoes, 24 dresses, do you need them all? Choose your favourite – the ones you just couldn’t live without and let the others be enjoyed by someone else who will love them.

HOT TIP: It can be helpful to pull everything out of your wardrobe in order of category. Go thorough each category one by one so you can see firsthand exactly how many items of each you have. This will also help you to see what exact space you have available in your wardrobe to work with.

HOT TIP 2: For clothes that are really too special to donate, try selling them online or give to a favourite friend. You will feel much better about parting with it knowing that it’s going to a good home.


Step 3: Assess your Storage Needs.

Even with limited space there are clever ways to make the most of the space you have by implementing the right storage solutions. There are so many ways get more bang for your buck by way of the following storage solutions.

The list goes on. Look at which storage options could work best for your wardrobe.

If you have investigated and implemented some of these wardrobe additions but still need more, there are a few additional ways to gain extra storage, if you have a little bit of extra space left in your room.

  • For concealed storage, make the most of the space under the bed. Plastic boxes with lids that can wheel in and out are great for clothes, shoes or bag storage and will protect them from dirt and dust.

  • Storage ladders or free standing wardrobes are a great place for housing and displaying scarves, bags and belts.

  • Need more hanging space? There are many modern looking clothes hangers or ceiling suspended rails for hanging clothes.

Step 4: Wardrobe Management

Managing and maintaining your closet is the last piece of the puzzle when it comes to keeping things organised. Below are ways to make your wardrobe work for you and get the best out of it year after year.

Alternate your wardrobe seasonally

Let’s face it many homes, especially apartments don’t come with enough storage. Changing your wardrobe around seasonally means you don’t have to limit your wardrobe collection the bare bones of a backpacking nomad. Zip vacuum seal bags are a blessing. They squish your clothes down the half the size and can be stored under the bed or at the top of your linen cupboard.

Nominate locations for items.

The best way to find things easily is to always put them back in the same place every time they come back from the laundry pile.

Co-ordinate by colour or category.

Placing clothes in order of category will allow you to find things faster. Need pants? Go straight to the trouser section. How about an evening dress? Keep them all together and it will be easier to choose one. This may sound obvious but bad habits fall hard. We know what we could be doling to help ourselves but sometimes we just need a little reminder.

How about colour co-ordinating? I know this is bordering on OCD but if you often look for clothes by colour, all the options will be in one place and quick to put your hands on. This makes getting ready for work in the morning much more time effective.

Fold don’t scrunch.

It may be tempting to fold things in a carefree manner, but it can mean all difference in the amount pile height and width that can be achieved when stacking. There’s a reason why the boutique stores fold the clothes the way they do. It means they can be neatly stacked so people can see more detail of the garment and find the right size easily. The same applies at home.

Folding t-shirts, tops and jumper etc. properly will also help you to see what you have when stacked.


Now that you have found a home for everything you can enjoy your clothes and your wardrobe equally. And isn’t every day a fashion parade anyway?

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wish list of products, then be sure to check out our Wardrobe Storage products range. To get some more tips and ideas for keeping the rest of your house tidy, visit our article Declutter Your Home - the Easy Way.

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