The Lounge Style: Oriental vs Modern Chic

February 13, 2015
The Lounge Style: Oriental vs Modern Chic

Oriental or Modern Chic? When setting the tone of your lounge room, these are two very different styles, both with amazing design character and opportunity to get creative with your room’s design. Today the House of Home is pitting Asian fusion lounges against Modern chic lounges for a furniture style off.

What is a Modern Chic Lounge?


Modern chic lounges are exactly that. They are smooth, elegant, sexy, and suave. Some may consider these particular lounges to be “cold” due the clean lines and textures, but those well-versed in the art of modern design see beyond the snooty appearance to its gorgeous appeal.

How to style your lounge area to be Modern Chic? Think of Modern Chic with whites, blacks, greys, and blues as your palette, as well as fresh patterns and sophisticated designs. Lounges that work with these colours exude the clean and fresh vibe that modern chic is all about. You can also choose to go a romantic modern chic with a tufted fabric sofa. Mix your modern chic lounge with gorgeous accent pieces like unique coffee tables, mixed antique pieces and fun lighting. If you love this design style, Modern Furniture is a great brand to check out.

What is an Oriental Lounge?


If you’re tempted to think of Oriental or Asian Fusion in terms of cooking, you might want to take your taste buds elsewhere. When it comes to style and home décor, Asian Fusion is bringing Asian in with a fusion of your own tastes, such as Scandinavian or mid-century modern pieces. When you think of an Oriental lounge, think asymmetric.

How to style your lounge area to be Oriental

Stick with clean lines when it comes to your Oriental lounge. Styling Oriental or Asian Fusion has a lot to with textiles and shapes. Choose asymmetrical lounges that have a black lacquered appearance. Oriental design also plays fantastically with box designs. Choose teak style furniture and stick with earth-tones, blacks, and reds in your colour palette to really bring out the Asian inspiration. And of course, don’t be afraid to accessorize with traditional Asian themes, such as a Bronze Buddha. The Orient Express has a fantastic range for those seeking this style.

The verdict

So who wins this battle of classic versus cultured? Both styles have bring their own unique flare to the lounge room with limitless accessorizing and creativity for the designer. The real answer depends on your personal preferences. No matter which option you choose, have fun with your picking your lounge and decorating your lounge room, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.