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The Block Bathrooms: Hot Vs Not

October 21, 2015
The Block Bathrooms: Hot Vs Not

Whether you loved or hated them, bathrooms on the block have often been a contentious build week during each of the eleven seasons, beginning from the first continued up until current day episodes. For an interior designer bathrooms can be arduous in themselves, for contestants with no prior knowledge of interior architecture or design the feat of pulling off a stylish, completed and a designed considerate wet space can be painful watch.

When done correctly however, the result is a spectacular space that can intimidate even the most seasoned interior designer. House of Home is always seeking to educate our readers about the do’s and don’ts of design and décor. Here we present a retrospect of the most impact bathrooms the eleven seasons of the block have had to offer thus far.

First we present you with bathrooms from across the eleven season that have given rise to a negative effectiveness.




Bathroom 1: Dee and Daz's, Season 9: The Glasshouse

rsz dee and daz beautiful bathroom  1

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Dee and Dez's bathroom from The Glasshouse was a simple example of a perfectly balanced bathroom. Delicate and charming this room creates an atmosphere of luxury as soon as they door was opened. The choice of flooring and wall tiles was an excellent contemporay take on traditional black and white tiles. The harmony of marble, white tiles and subtle paint tones is the antithesis of Mike and Andrew's earlier mistake. Bathrooms should be relaxing and encourage calm, Dee and Daz certainly ticked all the right boxes.

rsz the block glasshouse   dee and daz   best bathroom 1

Bathroom 2: Chris & Jenna, Season 9: The Glasshouse

This bathroom has a beautiful balance to it. It combines dark and light tones in way that does not polarize either gender. It's a strong look that completely controls the space, every element reflects this bold bathroom look. There is a consistency only achievable with perfect storage and practical but beautiful fixings, blended with striking and creative zoning concepts. It's no wonder this bathroom received a perfect 30 score.

rsz the block glass house chris and jeanna beautiful bathroom

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"It just felt really in proportion even though it was so large. And it actually felt comfortable and I think that's the thing with a lot of bathrooms that vast can feel really clinical and uncomfortable." Shaynna Blaze | Judge on The Block

rsz the block triple threat latest week 2 chris jenna bathroom

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Bathroom 3: Dean & Shay, Season 11: The Blocktagon

This bathroom oozes attention to detail, every aspect of this wet space has been thoughtfully considered. The quality of the project resonated throughout the space, the correct use of herringbone tiles creates a striking focal point in this room. It goes to show that attention to detail goes along way in planning and styling a bathroom. Of course not everyone should or has to spend $40,000 to create a space as catching as this, with attention to detail planning during the planning stage and some savy innovation, your bathroom can impact in the same way.

rsz bathroom the block dean shay bathroom the blcok

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"Now this is the business… I think there is an astonishing level of precision and sophistication here” Neale Whitaker | Judge on The Block

rsz 1dean and shay 40000 dollar bathroom

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Bathroom 1: Mark and Duncan, Season 3: All-Stars

This bathroom gives a very masculine affect once you have entered the space. All the main bathrooms in the All-Star series were some what controversial in there own way, and certainly paved the way forward for aspiring future contestants. Mark and Duncan's bathroom displayed a unique approach to the "His and Her" dilemma of bathroom design. However, the over powering sense of masculinity changed the tone of an otherwise luxurious bathroom. Their error?

rsz all stars  mark and duncans bathroom mistakes

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Lack of storage, is the issue here, which is a common mistake to make, one that can have devastating and long lasting effects on a bathrooms appeal. Bathrooms are a communal space usually so have adequate storage should be high on the priority list in the planning and designing stage. You can create a luxurious and spacious bathroom without scrimping on space, you just need to be innovative in your approach to design. This was a lesson learnt well in the The Block: Glasshouse episodes wheremany of the contestants used recessed walls and floating shelving to create element of space. Also, suffice to say, urinals at home are never ok.

Bathroom Storage Solutions:

Bathroom 2: Mike and Andrew's, Season 5

The first impression Mike and Andrew's bathroom give is the phrase "dated", they chose a simple feminine design but failed to grasp the details. A common mistake with bathroom design is the over used of tiles, in Mike and Andrew's case they chose a beautiful marble tiles but used it in every portion of their bathroom. Dramatic, bold, lavish tiles can be a beautiful feature that can compliment a bathrooms style colour and finish, but if used in correctly or in Mike and Andrew's case the overall effect is tacky and cheapens the feel and look of the room.s is more. Season 5 judge John McGrath said "It has a very Hollywood feel", but the kind that belonged back in the 1990's.

rsz mike and andrew 2012 bathroom losers1

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"Cheap lighting, and thoughtless bathroom accessories also enhanced this bathrooms cold and dated impression" Elizabeth | Editorial Co-ordinator

To avoid this mistake, chose certain focal points part of your bathroom design and use dramatic tiles to enhance this, whilst using plainer tiles or paint colours to balance the overall ambiance of the room. Your bathroom is a space centered on harmony and unity, combining a more dramatic tile with subtle ones will create a space which is considered and appealing.

rsz mike and andrew 2012 bathroom losers 2

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Avoid this mistake by using more dramatic tiles as a feature to compliment the look of the bathroom, rather than take over it. It's always best to believe in the "less is more" mantra for bathroom design.

Bathroom 3: Jess & Adyen, Season 10: Triple Threat

rsz jess   ayden

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Considered 'overwhelming' by the judges due to the over-use of their hexagon tile, this bathroom certainly caused a impact and not for the right reasons. Although a beautiful colour palette, and interesting use of natural features, this bathroom leaves a lot to be desired. The common mistake made in this design is impracticality. The basin in this bathroom is far to shallow and impracticable for the day-to-day use of busy household, as well as being far to wide to allow for any storage accessories to sit alongside the basin. Avoid this issue by choosing a deep basin that is 1 or 2/3's of your vanity unit. This will allow you to use the basin for daily tasks like washing or shaving as well as providing an added element of potential storage space.

rsz jess and aydens overwhelming bathroom mistake

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Although beautiful, the judge's deemed this bathroom "Old fashioned" because of its separated toilet.

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