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Tackling a Bathroom Renovation

January 24, 2017
Tackling a Bathroom Renovation

Preparing for a bathroom renovation is a big job and in some cases can be quite an investment (albeit a rewarding one).

There are many factors to consider in preparation for such a venture; It takes careful planning, lots of decision making, plus the ability to problem solve and be flexible in your approach to the design.

Many renovators will encounter some kind of unexpected issue that needs to be resolved at any given stage of a project. If a hiccup should so happen along the way, is really helps to have peace-of-mind in knowing that you are working with a professional supplier who can offer guidance or expert advice at a time of need.

Whether it be due to design constraints, budget constraints or time constraints, the design of a space can be constantly evolving and first preferences may not always be possible. No two renovation projects are ever the same and as such will have different requirements requiring different solutions.

For sixth time renovator Genevieve Guthrie this was all first-hand knowledge and her latest project was to be no exception. Understanding that her Albert Park bathroom was going to need much more than a standard design solution, and with a new design in mind, she approached Bourne Bathrooms to help her to tackle her new design challenge – the conversion of an early 1900’s Victorian bathroom with a 1970’s design aesthetic into a modern Scandinavian style inspired design.

Tackling a Bathroom Renovation Bourne Bathrooms

Creating a functional bathroom with a spacious feeling was of the utmost importance for Genevieve, however, once the renovation commenced there were challenges. The first issue was the placement of the toilet. Genevieve soon discovered it wouldn’t be possible to have a concealed hidden cistern as originally planned. This would greatly impact the look and feel of the bathroom and Genevieve was at a loss at what to do. Fortunately, Lucy (one of Bourne’s expert design consultants) knew exactly what to suggest as an alternative and what could have been a disaster actually ended up being a better result than what was considered for the original design.

Bourne Bathrooms were able to offer a terrific solution by suggesting a rimless toilet by Caroma which I wasn’t even aware was on the market. It’s attractive, easy to clean and I couldn’t be happier with it.

The second issue arose when the bath that was ordered arrived with a crack in it. This could have stalled the installation and although this wasn’t a fault of the supplier, Bourne Bathrooms sorted it out by replacing the bath immediately.

As with any design project, you realise that process is ever evolving and any challenges that arise you soon find as solution for with the help of the experts. However, Bourne Bathrooms went above and beyond anything I could have expected.

It’s this flexibility and ability to resolve on-site issues that a project depends on for a successful outcome. Bourne Bathrooms were also able to be flexible with their deliveries in order to coordinate with various Trades people at different times during the installation. Rather than sending all the goods to the house at the same time when space was of a premium, the deliveries were staggered to co-ordinate with when the work was being carried out by each trades person.

During the renovation process it doesn’t matter how well you plan things inevitably issues will arise that need resolutions. Working with experienced professional suppliers can help to reduce the amount of stress that can be experienced and make the process much more enjoyable.

“Bourne really know their products, their service was extremely personalised and they are very passionate about providing that extra level of service. They would always follow up to see how the renovation was going and by the end of the project Lucy and I have become quite good buddies”.

Thanks to Bourne Bathrooms, Genevieve now has a beautiful bathroom that is the envy of all of her friends. The bathroom’s understated and elegant palette that is light and bright with warm oak timber features punctuated by striking black highlights in the form of the fixtures and fittings. The result is a gorgeous, spacious and functional bathroom with a calm, yet refined Scandi style vibe. An outcome that accurately fits the brief Genevieve presented to Bourne Bathrooms and is perfectly inline with her overall vision.

How to Tackle a Bathroom Renovation Bourne Bathrooms

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