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Sustainable House Day 2015

September 08, 2015
Sustainable House Day 2015

This Sunday the 13th of September is Sustainable House Day across Australia and we couldn't be more excited!

Over the past few years since its humble beginnings in 2001, created as an initiative by the Australian Solar Council, Sustainable House Day has given the public access to inspect houses designed, built or renovated to showcase the benefits of sustainable features in homes. Promoted across Australia, this event offers the general public the chance to see sustainable building ideas in the flesh in real Australian homes, as well as offering education and practical information straight from the mouths their peers.

These days most builds or renovation projects have in some way or other been influenced by the idea of sustainability. However, for most of the public, access to information in regards to where to start from or what to do can become increasingly confusing and frustrating. Sustainable House Day is the perfect opportunity for those seeking help and assistance with starting or planning your own healthy living home. The public event also provides those attending the experience of seeing real life examples of sustainable living ideas achieved by people from the same frustrated beginnings.

All participating homes open to the public must have at least 3 Sustainable features fitting within the Sustainable House Day criteria. These could include anything from double/triple glazing, sustainable or salvaged timber, to renewable energy power, passive heating and cooling or water saving techniques. On the day you will most likely find that many of the beautiful properties will employ more than three features in order to create a progressive sustainable home, so make sure to bring a pen and pad and take notes.

With homes right around Australia, it’s hard not to get excited about this open house event! At House of Home we’re happy to promote to our readers any excuse to get out of the house and get inspired by beautiful builds!

Here are some of the houses we’re keen to poke around this Sunday.

rsz the blue house vic sustainable house day

rsz the blue house vic sustainable house day2

Victoria - The Blue House, Elwood 3184 - Designed by David Vernon Architect

rsz illawarra flame house deekramer sustainable house day2

rsz illawarra flame house deekramer sustainable house day

New South Wales - Illawarra Flame House, North Wollongong, 2500 - Designed by Team UOW

rsz casa 2 freemantle sustaibable house day2

rsz 1wa sustainable house day 33

Western Australia - CASA31_4 Room House, Mount Hawthorn 6016 - Design by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects - Lead Architect : Caroline Di Costa

rsz sustainable house day marrabah cairns 2

rsz sustainable house day marrabah mymirage cairns

Queensland - My Green Mirage, Smithfield 4878 - Designed by MyStyle Homes - Leading Architect : Heather Ghidella

rsz roodenrys kewell addition sustainable house day 2015 south australia2

rsz roodenrys kewell addition sustainable house day 2015 south australia

South Australia - Roodenrys Kewell Addition, Westbourne Park 5041 - Designed by Troppo Architects

If you're looking to improve your home in a sustainably progressive way, then Sustainable House Day is your chance to absorb as much as you can with help from your fellow peers.

For more information about open houses on the day, visit the Sustainable House Day website here.

For more inspiration about how to create a green home: Read 7 Handy Sustainable Home Ideas

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