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Surviving the End of Year Sales

January 30, 2014
Surviving the End of Year Sales

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Finally! We have arrived at the end of another year, gifting us some spare time to catch up on that ever growing to do list, alternatively you can just sit back and relax until work starts again in the New Year. Every year most of us will indulge in the end of year sales to grab a bargain or two to reward ourselves for a year of hard work, as we should! However, RenoExchange would like to guide you through some tips to help make the most of the end of year sales, helping you find not only a great deal but a product that you will be satisfied with for years to come.

Research, Research and Research Some More

Researching what products are available is the best thing you can do to help you through this busy time of year. Over 80% of customers have done some sort of online research before they visit a retail store. Use your research to determine the best brand for you, ideally read product reviews. Use this time to familiarise yourself with new and current technology trends in the market, and compare the differences to determine which generation of product meets your requirements.

Features & Benefits

During the end of year sales period you will encounter some great deals on a range of products of varying quality. Don’t allow yourself to be sold purely on price, use your research period to find the product that matches your requirements. Look closely at the features and benefits of products, as these are the limitations of a products performance, the more features relevant to how you plan to use the product will see better performance.

Whitegoods and appliances are the best example for features and benefits, as brands have a huge range of models with slight variations that will affect the performance of the product, learn about the differences between each model to assist with your final choice of product.

Know Your Dimensions

Dimensions are critical for a vast range of products you will be looking at over the sales period. Knowing the dimensions of the space you are looking to fill makes your shopping that little bit quicker and easier.

Having dimensions on hand provides two key advantages:

  • Only looking at products that fit your specifications, helping to streamline your purchase

  • If you are looking at anything sold by the meter/area this will help the retailer provide you with an accurate quote.

Outgoing Product Ranges

Chances are you will see a range of products that are end of season models or designs. Brands frequently replace their models to keep up with changing design styles and technologies. However, you can use this to your advantage to get a top end model for slightly more than a mid-range model you may have been considering. Chances are that most of the technology in this high-end product is going to trickle down into mid-range models in the new season, allowing you to purchase current technology without waiting for the next generation of products.

Widen Your Search

The advantage of being online is having access to products outside of your local area, providing you access to a range of products you may not have known about. Expand your search to state-wide or nation-wide, if you don’t mind waiting for delivery, to find the products you desire.

House of Home have a very user friendly "Store Directory" where you can type in your postcode then widen your search areas by kilometers. Likewise, you can select the specific industry catergories and search nationwide.

Now you've learnt some simple tips, you're only a click away from finding the right product for your home this sales season! Good luck and have fun shopping!

Shop Now: Shop for all your homewares, furniture and renovation needs

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