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Summer Proof Your Home

January 30, 2014
Summer Proof Your Home

We won’t beat around the bush – summer Down Under is stinking hot.

Although we can be pretty resilient in the heat, there are some fairly straight-forward updates we can make to the home to keep those critical few degrees cooler in the middle of the heat.

1. Mother Nature

You only need to see a paddock of sheep on a hot summer’s day, all huddled under the shade of a single tree, to know just how handy Mother Nature can be.

One of the simplest, most charming ways to prepare your home for the heat is to plant the right trees in the right locations.

Natural shade is refreshing, effective and free, so consider planting as a key part of your (long-term) preparation.

Alternatively, decorative screening not only makes a beautiful visual impact to any outdoor space, it can double as protection from the elements and privacy form neighbours.

2. Cafe Styles

Outdoor shutters and/or café style blinds are another great way to give some temperature relief to your home.

What we really love about this is that you can still have the windows bare at the very start of the day, when the morning sun is less harsh, then roll down your blinds or close up your shutters once breakfast is over.

Another option is drapes and curtains

We tend to associate light, airy fabric with summer, of course, but in fact dark heavy drapes and curtains will play a far more effective role in reducing heat coming into the home.

3. Shut Up Shop

Along with blinds and shutters, it’s a great idea to essentially shut the whole house down, and to do so before the sun really starts delivering some heat.

Keep all windows and doors closed.

Turn off all lighting unless absolutely necessary.

Avoid using equipment that will generate heat – so forget about the stove and certainly don’t go near the oven to prepare dinner.

In fact, the only appliance that should be on at this time of day is the ceiling fan or your air conditioning system, if you have one.

4. Window Treatments

We’ve all heard about double and even triple glazed windows to keep the heat in during winter, but what about treated windows to help keep the heat out during summer?

Energy efficient treated windows are becoming increasingly popular and are certainly worth considering if you are renovating and trying to keep your home as energy savvy as possible.

5. Buzz

Let’s face it, summer isn’t all about heat when it comes to life in Australia.

With the warmth come the bugs – and plenty of them!

Summer proof your home from bugs using simple methods such as fly wire screens on windows.

There are some terrific door shades now that also serve as bug barriers.

And it’s an oldie, but a goldie worth mentioning – have you ever noticed all those flowers hanging from window boxes in Europe?

Not only do they look good, apparently they also deter the mozzies.

Citronella, marigolds and catnip are all said to have mozzie repelling properties, so when you purchase some trees to plant, get some of these at the same time!

We hope these summer proofing your home tips come in handy for you as the hot weather approaches.