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Summer Friendly Backyard Tips

January 30, 2014
Summer Friendly Backyard Tips

The backyard might very well be located out the back, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of sight.

On the contrary, this is often a space that can be forgotten about – it becomes a bit like wallpaper and we don’t always see it for what it is.

There are some great ways to renovate your backyard, in readiness for summer, fairly easily and quickly and none of them require an excavator!

1. The Shed

If your backyard has things (often referred to as ‘essential items that cannot be thrown away’) strewn from one end to the other, then the most straight forward renovating solution is the humble shed.

It’s practical – it brings every bit and bob together under the one roof.

Speaking of rooves – a shed can be protective. Why leave things out to be ruined in the elements? Also you don’t have to think plain old corrugated sheeting when you consider your shed options.

There are some really smart and fairly eye-pleasing options on the market these days, and there are certainly ways you can beautify your shed.

If you have a young family, you might want to give the kids a painting project. It’s a great way for everyone to spend quality time together, and you’ll have original artwork for years to come!

Storage Shed

2. Pave It

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Paving is a great means of giving a backyard structure and order, and can also make for a terrific focal point in the backyard.

Paving can be a DIY job although certainly if you’re thinking grand and sophisticated designs, then you may want to invest in a professional to do the job for you.

Baslt Paving

3. Frame Things with a Fence

How many of us are guilty of leaving the fence goas an afterthought to the backyard planning?

We might have the greenest thumb on the block and have created a stunning garden, only to be blind to the eye sore that is the fence.

Picket fences are not as prolific as they used to be.

There is so much choice out there in the fencing world.

Fence off your backyard, not your imagination!

Factory Direct Fencing

4. The Green Solution

There are so many positive reasons to turn to plants, trees, shrubs and flowers when renovating your backyard.

They can be such a pleasant, beautiful way to add shade, colour and depth to a backyard space.

They can also provide some privacy if the neighbours are just a tad too … err… neighbourly. And beautifying the shed as we mentioned earlier? Too easy with some great pots and plants strategically placed around its base.

Depending on the flora you choose, you can then of course attract birds and bees to keep the area thriving – cue inspiring music now!

Relaxing Garden Design

5. Waterworks

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A water feature can be a great way to renovate, and relax at the end of it all.

You don’t have to create the neighbourhood version of Niagara Falls – a simple spinning ball or a modest fountain might be just the trick.

Water Feature

Go on – give your back garden some love this summer with these handy tips and ideas!