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Colour Your Home Happy This Summer

December 13, 2016
Colour Your Home Happy This Summer

Well colour me happy! The season of sun, fun, sand, surf and celebration is in full swing!

It’s the most exciting time of the year and with any new change of season comes new interior trends and inspirations. Summer decorating for 2016 / 2017 is all about being bold, bright and brave – with colour.

As the temperature continues to rise, so will the amount of colour being applied to interior design schemes. The interior trends filtering through strongly suggest that homes will be keeping cool with strong splashes of colour over the coming months.

Below we cover what to look out for and how to successfully bring Summer colour into your home.

Vibrant Colours

Paint manufacturers have introduced vibrant island-inspired shades such as melon, coral, blush, seafoam, mint and pineapple yellow, while furniture and homewares are following suit in a big way.

Summer is the perfect season inject your home with vibrancy, personality and flair. Becoming courageous with colour doesn’t have to be a daunting process if you embrace it and apply it with a playful yet refined touch. It's important to note that decorating with colourful hues isn't about uniting all the colours of the rainbow together in the one area, colour can be easily applied in various ways to create a striking interior as outlined below.

Introducing Colour

Light, bright white, airy rooms are soon to be replaced by solid colours - from bright, rich and bold to soft, muted and chalky. If a full room of colour or feature wall seems too much for you, colour can be introduced with statement pieces or focal points of fun such as colourful artworks, décor accessories, rugs, lighting or funky furniture. These simple additions are such a great way to quickly and inexpensively update the look and feel of a room or change the mood or style.

Mix & Match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match, however, in doing so choose cohesive colours that co-ordinate and work well together. When going bold with colour it is essential to keep within a particular colour palette or a family of colours. This doesn’t mean everything has be the same colour, one overriding colour can be selected for emphasis that will convey a mood and set the tone.

Decorating with Colour at Home this Summer

Complimentary Colours & Texture

Introducing hints of complimentary colours will create contrast and make the hero colour pop, for example, in our above image we teamed deep cactus green with a restful sea foam shade and highlighted these hues with accents of textured white décor and pops of pomegranate red. Bringing in a natural texture adds interest and actually helps to create visual balance and tone down the bolder colours. The result is a seamless colour combo!

Using Colour at Home this Summer  2

We love colour here at House of Home and love finding products that will brighten up our interiors. We've curated a collection of our favourite colourful, summer-inspired pieces from furniture and homeware retailers around Australia.

Summer Inspired Furniture

Summer Inspired Decor

Summer Inspired Art

Summer Inspired Bed Linen

We would like to thank homeware store Zachloe for providing all the gorgeous props shown in the dining setting images.

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