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The Art of Functional Styling with Clocks. 

November 08, 2016
The Art of Functional Styling with Clocks.

If you have been wondering what your walls or shelves are missing, it could be just the right time to invest in a clock!

Combining function with aesthetics, the clock is one of the most useful yet most underrated accent piece for the home.

Seen as an every-day object but often taken for granted, the ye ol’ faithful clock is one accessory a home just can’t live without! Time is precious so making the most of it essential! A clock can help us to keep perfect time while making a striking statement piece for any room.

Keeping good time isn’t the only reason why a clock is so important for a home setting. Despite its functionality, a beautiful clock can create just the right amount of visual interest without being too overpowering. A clock works well as an alternative to an artwork as it offers dimension, plus its round shape helps to bring visual balance to a space.

Adding a contrasting round shape helps to soften a space and allows the eye to rest. A circle creates a sense of balance and harmony against the angular / lineal geometry of an interior. A round object will also provide relief against the harshness of too many straight lines such as rectangular or square objects within a room, for example; tables, cabinetry, televisions etc.

Best on Trend Clocks

A wall clock looks great in any room of the house but is especially ideal for entry’s and hallway’s to create a lovely focal point that allows you to check the time as you come and go. A wall clock is also light weight, making it simple to affix to the wall via an appropriate hook or hanging system.

Alternatively a free-standing clock is the perfect accessory for styling a bed side table, office desk, book case, shelf or mantel piece. Dotting a few strategically placed clocks around the house will ensure you are never late again!

Wall clocks and free-standing clocks are fast becoming the ultimate accessory and the passing of time has never looked so elegant. An object that was once as considered a utility has now evolved to take on a more design orientated, decorative appearance. The humble clock can now be considered an alternative to wall décor and used to create a striking art piece.

Decorating with Clocks

We have selected a few gorgeous clock designs guaranteed to make a statement in any home!

Wall Clocks

Table and Mantle Clocks

Alarm Clocks

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Functional Styling with Clocks

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