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Styling an Office Space

January 30, 2014
Styling an Office Space

Styling an office space can be a long and daunting task, so its important to be well planned and organsied from the start. setting a new or professional look, adding style or in need of some new furniture for the office space. So its important to be well planned and organsied from the start

It can be hard to work out what you need, what you don’t need and where to get it, online is the best place to start that seacrh. When creating a new office, you must consider; the space and size, your budget, and requirements. starting with office furntiure, chairs, desks, partitions, storage, and lighting. How many staff does the business have, and is the plan for grwth in the near future that will need to be considered.

Work space/personnel office.

This is your personnel working station, whether it is in its own office, or an open plan design. You must consider comfort, space and safety. There are certain niceties when styling a personnel office space; including Office chair, desk and a storage device. You must also consider good light and appropriate furniture for safety, this may be a place you spend a lot of time during the day so you must make sure it is fitting fort the long hours you’re potentially there, for you and your colleagues.

Turnco stacking Chair

Office Common Area

A Place for work coworkers to hang out, relax and socialize, this is an area that must be considered with a lot of thought when styling. You must consider what space is available and how to utilize that space, making sure there is room for comfort and personal space. Having a variety of seating arrangements and surface areas allows for a variety of task to be available (eating, reading, preparation) and also making sure you have the right furniture for catering for all types of colleagues young or old. Styling the mood for the area can be done though colours and light arrangements. Light open space areas allow for people to be able to relax and feel comfortable around other people.

Conference/meeting room

This room will need to be available for many types of situations and moods, from an important business meeting to a team catch up. You want to make sure that you have supplied enough space for any situation, making sure there is enough surface area and seating. Having a transparent lighting situation allows for setting certain moods as just mentioned, You may want a lot of light and space for a friendly catch up, to a more sophisticated business style for an important meeting. This can be all replicated though picking the right office chairs, table sizes, lightings and colours.

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