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Style Stealer, Minimalist Living Rooms

October 21, 2015
Style Stealer, Minimalist Living Rooms

It's not about "less is more" in minimal interior design, but rather it's about doing more with less. When arranging furniture for a minimal look, you can sometimes confuse sparseness with tidy minimalism. This should not be the case, to create a well balanced interesting minimal living space you cannot simply strip a room bare and place a lounge, a lamp and a coffee table. To truly achieve the minimal look, each piece of furniture placed in your living room should be cohesive with an overarching theme and be conducive to your space as well as your lifestyle. Your living room is a space for relaxing after a long day, so your furniture should afford you this experience, you can still achieve comfort with a minimal living room, when planning the space selection a sofa or lounge that combines the modern look with convenience. Your minimal living room should never be uncomfortable!

"Colour palette should be light and bright, without being cold. Create depth to your living room with the use of colour tones such as grey's, pewter, bright whites, cast iron, sage and navy's." Elizabeth | Editorial Co-ordinator

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"Concealed strip lighting is perfect for boosting the cohesive look of your space and enhancing the simplicity of minimal design." Elizabeth | Editorial Co-ordinator

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