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Solaire Connect

April 08, 2014
Solaire Connect

Solaire Connect

Solaire Connect is your solar power and home cooling expert based in Joondalup, Perth.

Solaire Connect specialise in a range of environmentally friendly power and cooling options as well as traditional cooling options.

The store stocks a great range of solar panels from LG & GY Solar panels, these come in a range of sizes and all have Monocrystalline solar cells to convert the suns rays into electricity for your home.

Combine your solar panels with a powerful solar inverter to harness the suns power, with a range of power levels, you are sure to find a solar inverter to match your budget and power requirements.

If you are looking to reduce your reliance on the local power grid and desire a green source of energy, get in contact with the expert team at Solaire Connect in Joondalup, Perth to talk to the solar experts about a suitable option for your home.

Come and visit the friendly team today!

Solaire Connect Team

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