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Get the Designer Look - Room Reveal Bedroom Week 

January 09, 2015
Get the Designer Look - Room Reveal Bedroom Week

Relax – you’re home.

Time to unwind, wrap up in a doona, and fall into a deep sleep. This is the place to do it – a Soho style bedroom that has a bit of warehouse edginess to it (the tactile brick finish, the raw timber bed, the concrete surface) but is warm, soft and inviting. Exactly what you want from your sleeping sanctuary!

DSC 8718

Alisa and Lysandra talk us through the art of scatter cushions here (just how many is too much?), and we see how they’ve layered the space so that the eye can’t quite take everything in all at once – there’s an element of visual discovery.

DSC 8703

Grab your Ugg boots and come check out the soho bedroom.

DSC 8667

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