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Softwood Timber Decking

January 30, 2014
Softwood Timber Decking

Soft Timbers are sourced from conifer trees, which feature needle shaped leaves as opposed to the broad and large leaves of hard timbered trees.

Softwood trees have open cells much like the pores of the skin, which act like conduits to provide the tree with nutrients and water.

This acts in two ways for the timber; it naturally causes the timber to be softer, but conversely, it also enables it to easily absorb finishes and adhesives making it much easier to treat when compared to hardwood.

The latter feature makes it an ideal choice for a cost effective timber for decking.

The downside to softwood, is that it requires continuous maintenance due to the fact they are not naturally resistant to the elements and wear & tear.

Australia has a number of softwood species in conifers and cone bearers.

Commonly used species in decking are Hoop Pine, Celery Top Pine and White Cypress.

These are grown in plantations around the country and grow very quickly, which makes them a cost effective option when considering a timber for your deck.

Softwood timber can be an attractive option when selecting the material you wish to use for your deck, given its price point and easy availability.

However, maintenance and care need to be factors that are seriously taken into consideration, as the condition of the timber will deteriorate quickly if it is not looked after.

An attractive feature of softwood is its light weight, versatility and ease of use, making it an ideal timber to work with.

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