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Sofa Bed Specialists

August 21, 2014
Sofa Bed Specialists

As much as they might protest otherwise, few house guests would delight in sleeping on the couch. Even if they’re just staying for a night, you can be sure they’re going to rest easier – and get a lot more comfort – out of a quality spare bed.

… And if that bed just so happens to double as a sofa, or vice versa, then it’s a win-win for everyone!

With that in mind Conny and Marcus established Sofa Bed Specialists some 12 years ago. Both had come from customer/ process improvement backgrounds, and realised the market had nothing quite like what they had in mind.

In a nutshell, Sofa Bed Specialists are a one-stop shop for spare bed solutions, with the country’s largest range of options, from timber slatted styles to trampoline bases with comfy inner-spring mattresses.

Your guests are going to love you.

sofa bed specialists 1

Choose from Australian made sofas and sofabeds (which come with a ten year structural guarantee), to European designer options. Opt for Ottoman sofabeds (the compact design is currently one of the biggest sellers), or[folding beds. You can even go for chair beds for something that’s a real space-saver.

The family owned business is 100 per cent focused on personal service – this is the sort of place where you can come with a specific need, or very little idea. Regardless the team will know exactly what to recommend and why, and you (and your visiting guests) will be all the happier for it.

We asked Conny and Marcus why sofa beds were such a worthwhile addition to the home.

4 Reasons why every home needs a sofa bed

1/ Sofa beds are a big space saver, so they’re particularly convenient for homes that don’t have a spare room for guests

2/ Sofa beds are the greatest home multi-tasker. A sofa by day, a bed by night, and nobody would be any the wiser either way!

3/ Sofa beds really do offer your guests a good night’s sleep, something that is not going to happen on a couch (no matter how spacious or luxurious it feels to recline on!). Waking up with a bad back or a neck cramp is uncomfortable for the guest and embarrassing for their host.

4/ There is nothing worse for home owners and their guests than a couch pretending to be a bed. It’s awkward for all parties and makes for a bit of an eye sore during the day. With a sofa bed, it’s evident that bedding needs to be removed each day so that the sofa can be restored for lounge room living.