Sleep Worthy Sofa Beds

November 14, 2016
Sleep Worthy Sofa Beds

Let’s take the time to celebrate the ingenuity of the sofa bed!

A marvelous invention that not only provides a home with a fabulously functional, multi-purpose piece of furniture that can be used for sitting, sleeping and well, wherever you imagination takes you, while also looking fabulous at the same time!

Gone are the days of the clunky, chunky and dare I say it, a rather uncomfortable sleep on sofa bed. The modern day sofa bed is striking, streamlined, and super sleep-worthy. In a matter of seconds one can transition from relaxed and reclined to a fully horizontal position that offers comfort and a restful sleep.

Sofa beds are perfect for compact living spaces or homes that don’t have a spare room for guests. They are also particularly convenient for a creating multi-purpose rooms (such as a study) that offers the design flexibility to be turned into a guest bedroom when needed.

There is a multitude of different types and styles of sofa beds available so it’s important be able to identify a quality option and choose a sofa based on your personal needs.

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When researching sofa beds consider the following:

  • Determine the best size for your space. Measure the available space to see how much you have room you have for the sofa, also taking into account the measurement for when the sofa is fully pulled out in the bed position.

Tip: An easy trick is to use removable masking tape to outline the areas where the sofa bed will sit. This will help to you to visualise how it will fit the space.

  • Decide on an exact location. Some sofa bed designs have a folding mechanism which is better suited to a central position in a room, alternatively a pull out design is better option if you prefer to place the sofa bed alongside a wall.

  • Choose your function. If the sofa bed is going to be used regularly as a daily place to sleep you really need to invest in one that has a comfortable and supportive mattress that comes with a good warranty.

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Now when it comes to comfort, it’s important to know your mattress types. Here’s what to look out for when shopping for your perfect sofa bed:

Mattress Options

First and foremost, test your mattress! Sit, recline, lay down, even bounce a little, and ask the sales person to run you through the mattress options. The types of mattress available include inner-spring, memory foam, air-coil, futon or inflatable.

Innerspring Mattresses

Inner-spring mattresses have coils inside and generally the more coils, the better. As inner-spring mattresses offer more support they are usually more comfortable than a regular foam mattress, yet are generally in a similar price range.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Nothing beats a Memory foam mattress. The foam moulds itself to the user’s body and while it doesn’t have coils inside, still offers a good level of support.

Air-coil Mattresses

Air-coil mattresses is in the same league as a memory foam mattress and consists of an innerspring mattress with an in-built air mattress on top.

Foam Mattress

Basic foam sofa beds are inexpensive yet may not be all that comfortable, however they are built to last for a reasonable amount of time.

Futon Mattress

Futons can be an cost-effective and are also quite long-lasting. They are generally firmer than the other types of mattress so if you prefer a softer matress, one of the other options will be a better choice.

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Now you have the comfort factor covered, you want to ensure that your sofa bed looks great and stays that way too! Ask your sales person about the construction of the frame and internal cushions.

Cushion Options

Polyester fibre fill looks plump and comfy when new, however it is important to note that over time it can loose it's shape. Cushions that have pocket compartments are a better quality option and will help to hold the fibre in place.

Another option is feather or feather combined with down. While this type of cushion will require fluffing and plumping, it will be quite long lasting and if required, additional feathers can be added over time.

Seat cushions

Check if the cushions reversible. You will get double the amount of wear out of them if they can be flipped around.


Check the internal padding by pressing along the frame and arms. If you can feel sharp or hard corners, its generally an indication of lesser quality that could fray over time and won’t be overly comfortable when in the seated position.

Fabric Options

  • When selecting a fabric, check the fabric has a tight weave that won’t fray or pull.

  • Stretch the fabric and little and see if it holds it shape or if it bags around the seat. If it doesn’t bounce back, it could mean that the seat will start to sag over time.

To assist you on your search for the perfect sofa bed we have curated a collection of high-quality, stylish, contemporary. Get ready to relax, recline and get a good night’s rest with these cute and compact sofa bed options.

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