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Small Dining Room Ideas

March 23, 2017
Small Dining Room Ideas

Want to learn how to make the most out of your small living areas with some clever space saving furniture ideas? We'll show you how.

Imagine a world where an item of furniture could be used for various purposes, where instead of having to buy 3 items of furniture, you could buy just the one. A solution that not only saves space but also your hard earned money! Sounds too good to be true I hear you say? Well the good news is, these clever multi-functional furniture pieces actually do exist!

As property gets more expensive the options live in a bigger house get smaller. Whether you live in an apartment, unit or cottage, you may be all too familiar with the struggle to find furniture of the right proportions, that can fit through the door, let alone a piece that can be used for different purposes.

Finding furniture that can work well in a small living space can be tricky if you’re not familiar with the options, however, creating a flexible living space is easy once you know how! All it takes are a few key pieces of furniture. This article includes a round-up of all of the furniture pieces needed to help simplify your life and your living space. Discover how the following products can help transform your space and prove that bigger isn't always better.

  • Multipurpose Furniture

  • Compact Dining Table

  • Extension Dining Tables

  • Small Dining Sets

Multifunctional Furniture

Dining with family or friends in the home is hugely important for social interaction and spending quality time together. If you have always wished you could invite people over for dinner but don’t quite have the space for a designated dining area, never fear! We have the solution for you!

It’s actually possible to convert your lounge room into a dining room within seconds with the a multi-functional table.

The right shaped table can have not one, not two, but three functions! It can be placed in a living room as a desk, or a console table and can then be converted into a dining table when needed in just seconds! Make sure you choose a table with a depth of around 600-750mm. This means it can easily sit up against the back of a sofa or be positioned against a wall, and you can still comfortably use it as a dining table.

Small Dining Room Ideas  Multipurpose Dining Table

Function 1: Desk

If you need a place for your laptop to live and to sit and get s*%t done then this option is for you! Just add a chair, lamp and few easy to move desk accessories and you have yourself an impromptu office space! Below is a suggestion of dining chairs that also double as desk chairs.

Small Dining   Living Room Ideas

Function 2: Console Table

If you are lucky enough to have a designated study, but want to jazz up your lounge or entry way, using your table as a console table is another useful option.

Add a couple of vases of flowers or botanicals, a couple of candles or a book or two and you have a beautifully styled console that can be easily converted to a dining table when required.

Extension Dining Table

Function 3: Dining Table

If space is of a premium the table can be extended out in the living room area. Simply shift your coffee table to one side, push the sofa back and you should have all the space you need. Add a few finishing touches to your table top and hey presto you’re ready for an evening of wining and dining.

Choosing Dining Chairs

When choosing chairs for a flexi-dining table, a great option is to go for either dining chairs that can be easily stacked and kept to one side. Alternatively a combo. that includes a couple of dining chairs and a bench is an excellent space saving solution.

Stackable Dining Chairs

Using stackable dining chairs offers flexibility. Instead of having to find space to keep 2 – 4 chairs, you can place all 4 in one area if stacked. Below are a few of our favourite stacking chairs.

Dining Table with Bench

Benches are great as they can be placed in various locations around the home and brought to the dining table when needed. A bench can sit at the foot of a bed, placed under a console, placed in an entryway or in a living area. Seat cushions can be added to a bench or sheepskin, or throw for a layer of extra comfort.

Looking for a more traditional style dining table? An extension dining table or small dining setting may be the solution for you.

Extendable Dining Tables

An extendable dining table is perfect for those who have a bit more space at home and already have a designated dining area but would like to be able to seat more guests when entertaining. An extendable table takes up the least amount of space as possible but has the flexibility to seat more required.

How Does an Extendable Dining Table Work?

An extension table can either have hinges that allow the table top to flip open in the middle, or it can have table top ‘leaves’ that either sit underneath table that pull out on runners or can be kept elsewhere and added when needed.

Types of Extendable Tables

Extension dining tables come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can find round, oval, square or rectangular. Oval tables can be a good option for smaller spaces as they don’t have hard corners. They still offer seating for the same amount as rectangular but will take up less space and look less heavy visually and

Small Dining Table Set

If you don’t have enough space for an extendable dining table but do have a designated dining area (albeit a small one) then a Small Dining Setting could be best for you. A small dining setting comes with matching dining chairs so it takes the guess work out deciding which chairs will work with which dining tables.

This also helps to guarantee that that dining chairs will fit adequately around the table. Dining chairs come in varying widths and sometimes leg placement can affect positioning so it’s important to know that the chairs you choose will fit around the table.

Accessories to Style Console or Your Dining Table.

Accessories and decor add colour and bring life to a console or dining table. Without decor accents, furniture tends to look flat and unwelcoming. Impress your guests by dressing up your table tops with some of the gorgeous homewares below.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wishlist of products, then be sure and check out our Dining Room Furniture products range.

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Styling by Sarah Radhanauth and Carlinea Williamson. Photography by Jonathan Ho.