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Style Your Home Like A Ski Lodge

July 30, 2014
Style Your Home Like A Ski Lodge

Written by guest blogger Minot Pettinato

Ski Lodge Style Inspiration

Some may mourn the passing of summer's swimming, barbequed food and sun-tanning, but with winter comes a time for hot-cocoa, curling up by the fire, and skiing. Not to mention the endless home styling opportunities; hanging lights, snowmen, fabulous throws and wooden accents. Even though we're talking about a cold season, there's something naturally warm about winter ambiance, and with just a few inspirational pieces you can turn any living-space into your personal ski-lodge.

Warming up your home

Whether it's a cowhide rug or a leopard throw, animal print is the perfect complement to your ski lodge style. Not only is animal print incredibly trendy, but it also adds warmth to your room as if you’re coming into a ski lodge ready to relax by the fire in a blanket for two. Throws are affordable, versatile, and work in almost any room whether they are draped horizontally across your couch or bedspread, or used on the wall like a tapestry.

Barn Board Tables

Barn board, or reclaimed wooden "Harvest tables" are the perfect rustic addition to any winter theme. These tables offer versatility and can be used with all different styles of room, be it paired with trendy leather bar stools, faux cast iron, or old antique spindle chairs. What makes this table ski-lodge appropriate? The wood, of course. The rustic stained boards offer an agrestic elegance that makes your space feel homey. These tables range from the more affordable Tables, to a more upscale Dining Tables. Use a centerpiece of different sized candles to give off a glowing ambiance to your new dining space.

relax house ironica spindle chair

Style and Comfort

With their diamond buttoning and bronze studded embroidery through the leather, wingback armchairs are elegant, warm, and inviting. Pieces like the Chesterfield Wingback reminds us of retiring to an upscale foyer after a day on the bunny-slopes. These pieces are also very versatile in being paired with antique or modern decor. Pair these chairs with brown, animal print or taupe pillows.

wingback armchair collessione

Importance of Sculpture

The use of art and sculpture is not only essential to your ski-lodge styling, but is also one of the easiest and most affordable ways of transforming your home to a winter wonderland. Paintings of snowy scenes and starry nights easily add to the ambiance of any room. Tiny pieces, such as the Jacaranda Decor Cast Alloy Deer can be arranged around the room to remind your guests that hey: it’s winter, and that rocks. Remember to keep your decor to a theme; deer, cast-iron snowflakes, and an abundance of candles all remind us of the magic of winter.

deer jacaranda